L.A.'s win highest-rated telecast of the night

NEW YORK -- The ratings for the Los Angeles Lakers' thrilling overtime win over the Detroit Pistons in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night more than doubled the ratings for the second game of last year's championship series.

ABC's broadcast of the Lakers' 99-91 win got a 10.6 rating with a 19 share, 106 percent higher than last year's Game 2 between the New Jersey Nets and San Antonio Spurs, which was played on a Friday and had a 5.2 with a 10.

It was the highest-rated prime-time network program of the night.

The two-game ratings average is a 10.3 with an 18 share, 78 percent higher than last year's 5.8 with an 11 share and 4 percent higher than the two-game average for the 2002 finals between the Nets and the Lakers (9.9 with a 19).

The rating is the percentage of all homes with TVs, whether or not they are in use. Share is the percentage of homes with TVs in use. Each rating point represents about 1.08 million households.