NBA Power Rankings: The world belongs to Steph Curry

Updated: February 29, 2016, 5:38 PM ET
By Marc Stein |
Monday, Feb. 29

Can they be the first team in NBA history to go 41-0 at home? Can they be the first team to ever win 34 road games in a single season? Can they be the first team of all time to go through an entire 82-game season without losing two in a row?

All of those seem like perfectly reasonable questions after the Golden State Warriors moved to 53-5 with one of the greatest escapes -- sealed by one of the most daring of game-winning daggers -- in recent memory.

Who would dare doubt the Warriors' ability to get to 73 wins now? Or whether they can achieve any of the other previously unfathomable targets listed above, after what we saw in Oklahoma City on Saturday night? It's not exactly a bold leap to point out that things seem to be going their way.

Toronto is up to an impressive No. 3 with the East's best success rate (19-6) in 2016; Portland has risen to a wholly unexpected No. 8; and San Antonio remains just 3 games behind Golden State in the Western Conference standings thanks to the Spurs' own ridiculous 69-13 pace. But these days it's a challenge to divert your eyes from the Warriors to anyone else in the NBA universe, with records like the 1985-86 Celtics' 40-1 mark at Boston Garden and the Bulls' 33-8 road ledger in 1995-96 legitimately within reach now for Steph Curry and his buddies.

You can comment below on the latest 1-to-30 order assembled by the Committee of One, which offers its deepest thanks to our pals within the NBA wing of ESPN Stats & Information, as well as the Elias Sports Bureau, for the priceless data assistance they provide week after week to help us with all of our calculations.

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