NBA Power Rankings: Warriors tighten grip on No. 1

Updated: March 28, 2016, 4:51 PM ET
By Marc Stein |
Monday, March 28

The first team in NBA history to win 73 games in one season. The first team in NBA history to go 41-0 at home. The first team in NBA history to go an entire season without a single two-game losing streak . . . and to sink more than 1,000 3-pointers combined . . . and to place No. 1 in 26 out of 26 editions of's weekly NBA Power Rankings

All of the above are in play for the Golden State Warriors in their final nine games.

A 7-2 finish is all it will take for the Warriors to break the Bulls' single-season record of 72 victories established in 1995-96, thanks to their four wins last week since a narrow loss March 19 at San Antonio. And with Gregg Popovich seemingly intent on prioritizing rest for the remaining 17 days of the regular-season calendar, with his Spurs all but locked into the West's No. 2 seed, Golden State would appear to have real hope of hitting all of those targets.

Getting to 1,000 3s, for the record, should be the easiest, because the Warriors have already dropped 952 for an average of 13 per game.

You can share your views on our latest 1-to-30 order below in the comments sections. Profuse thanks go to our pals from within the NBA wing of ESPN Stats & Information, as well as the Elias Sports Bureau, for the ever-dependable data assistance they provide week after week after week to help the Committee of One make all of its calculations.

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