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Bobby Marks ESPN 

The Designated Player Veteran Extension numbers for the Wizards John Wall would mirror that of the Rockets James Harden. The four year breakdown would be: $37.8M, $40.8M, $43.8M and $46.8M. The first year would start in 2019-20 and is based on a $108M salary cap. The total dollars of the current contract (2 years) and extension (4 years) is $206.5M.

J.A. Adande @jadande

Having said that (Seinfeld voice) Kyrie did hit one of the biggest shots in NBA history and all we wanna talk about is LeBron's block

J.A. Adande @jadande

LeBron was already willing to let Kyrie do the heavy lifting in reg season. Kyrie took more shots, had higher usage rate than Bron in 16-17

Adrian Wojnarowski ESPN 

Justin Zanik and David Morway are joining the Utah Jazz as top front office executives under GM Dennis Lindsey, league sources tell ESPN.

Kyle Bonagura ESPN Staff Writer 

"Form a line, form a line." Kids are lining up by the dozens to take selfies with LaVar Ball outside an AAU basketball tournament in Anaheim.

J.A. Adande @jadande

The NBA Finals ended only 39 days ago yet it seems like a completely league since then. Game 5 feels as outdated as season 1 of "Entourage"

Ian Begley ESPN Staff Writer 

The Knicks, obviously, have strong interest in Kyrie Irving (just like 29 other teams) but I'm told people in the Knicks front office would not be willing at this point to include Kristaps Porzingis in a trade. Some with the organization would be willing to include future first-round picks and Carmelo Anthony in a deal for Irving, per league sources.