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Stefano Fusaro ESPN 

James Harden said he was over at Chris Paul's place until about 2:30 in the morning last night, "Just talking about life man. Just talking about life."

Stefano Fusaro ESPN 

More Chris Paul on the Rockets practice court.


Shawn Fitzgerald ESPN Producer 

Rockets guard Chris Paul walking into practice today.


Stefano Fusaro ESPN 

Chris Paul walking into the Rockets practice court.


Stefano Fusaro ESPN 

Mike D'Antoni on Chris Paul's injury: "I hate it for him above all. He's practically won us these last two games." He added that he may extend his rotation to 8 maybe 9 guys, and that Eric Gordon will start in Paul's place for Game 6.

Stefano Fusaro ESPN 

Despite being ruled out for Game 6, Mike D'Antoni says Chris Paul will travel with the team to Oakland.

Chris Forsberg ESPN Staff Writer 

Celtics rookie Daniel Theis joined the team on the road for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals. It's his first trip since undergoing season-ending meniscus surgery in March. "In the beginning, it was hard to watch games, being hurt. Now it's just fun." Theis hopes to start running again in two weeks and wants to play for the German national team in September before being full-go for the start of training camp.