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Marc Stein ESPN Senior Writer 

Adding to the initial angst, sources say, is the fact that the game was in DC, where Durant had an estimated 75 family members in the crowd.

Marc Stein ESPN Senior Writer 

Kevin Durant is in "good spirits" thanks to Wednesday's diagnosis after sources say his bruised tibia was initially feared to be fractured.

Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

Nerlens Noel was 10 minutes late to the team plane Tuesday, coach Rick Carlisle told reporters at shootaround in Atlanta. Carlisle said he planned to give Noel his first start with the Mavs but will bring the center off the bench against the Hawks due to his tardiness.

Justin Verrier ESPN Staff Writer 

Anthony Davis said he hasn't rewatched the technical foul called on DeMarcus Cousins Sunday, but said Cousins' suspension as a result of his 18th technical of the season is "something you just have to live with. We have to go out tonight and play without him. We've done that countless games. … He's a big part of our team, but stuff happens."

Dave McMenamin ESPN Staff Writer 

Will Kevin Durant's injury impact a potential GSW-CLE III Finals? Tyronn Lue: "Is it disappointing? I mean, you always want to play a team when they're healthy but they took advantage of us when we weren't healthy our first time playing. So, I mean, when you lose one of the top two, top three players in the NBA off your team, you have to adjust and they're a great team so I know they'll adjust and they'll be ready when he's back."

Dave McMenamin ESPN Staff Writer 

Ty Lue is getting awfully tired of hearing about LeBron James' minute load. Here's his answer about how he plans to get him rest before the playoffs: "Minutes don't bother me. I mean, we don't practice so he saves his legs. We're smart with that and he says he's feeling good. His body feels good. He knows where he wants to be at minute wise so, 37 minutes a game is not a lot to me but I guess it is to the rest of the world that tries to go crazy on me. But he feels good and in March, if we take care of business he's going to get those games where he's going to get healthy and he's going to be OK."

Royce Young ESPN Staff Writer 

The Thunder announce they've signed point guard Norris Cole for the rest of the season.

Dave McMenamin ESPN Staff Writer 

LeBron James owns the multimedia platform Uninterrupted, but would not give his vote as to where Boston's Isaiah Thomas should stand in the MVP conversation: "I'm not a media guy. It's not for me to talk about. I just like watching him play. Obviously they wouldn't be in this position without him. I'm not in the media. Well, I actually am in the media, I'm not in y'all media. I'm in my own thing."

Dave McMenamin ESPN Staff Writer 

LeBron James thinks that any question of the Cavs pumping Andrew Bogut about info on the Warriors would be jumping the gun: "We'll see, we don't know. At the end of the day we've played them enough. Bogs can probably give us something, but at the end of the day we know what they run. That's so far from now, we can't. You guys are so fascinated by Cleveland-Warriors matchup, but that's discrediting the rest of the league. We don't play them no more for the rest of the season. We're fortunate enough to even get through the East. If they're on the other side, then we'll see what happens then. But we don't play them no more this year as of right now."