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Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

Mark Cuban: "I think Adam [Silver] was right in sending the memo in that, if you're going to rest somebody don't do it on a national TV game. You've got options. It's not like this is the only day you can rest and your science and doctors say this is the game that you have to rest them. There are any number of choices. … [Steve Kerr] has obviously got a point, but if you know that you're in a long, grueling road trip and you know you're playing a nationally televised game – it's not like they just sprung it on you that that game's going to be televised – somebody in the organization has got to pay attention to the business side of it. Say, ‘OK, Steve,' or me to Rick [Carlisle] if we're a primary team that's on TV all the time, ‘let's rest our guys game three so we're fresh playing on TV game five.'"

Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

Doc Rivers on Dirk Nowitzki: "He's his own bird, is what I love about him. There's not been a Dirk. Ever. There's been a lot of great players in our league, but the great, great players are the ones where you say well there's never been one of those. To me that's Dirk. I don't know, who would you say was a Dirk before Dirk? No one. Now, there's a lot of guys trying to be it and probably ruining their careers trying to do it. Same thing happened with Magic. I thought Magic, in the middle of his career, there was a bunch of 7-footers trying to be guards, none of them made it. They wanted to be like Magic. And I think that's the same thing with Dirk. A lot of guys are – it's growing, the shooting with the bigs is all over the league, but Dirk is a rare bird."

Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

Mark Cuban: "I volunteer that everybody can rest their guys against the Mavericks."

Michael C. Wright ESPN Staff Writer 

People ask about the most important player for the Spurs outside of Kawhi Leonard as the team gears up for the playoffs. I believe that guy is here in Tony Parker. LaMarcus Aldridge is the obvious answer, but he doesn't play his best without Parker getting him involved early in games.


Ian Begley ESPN Staff Writer 

Derrick Rose says he'll prioritize winning over money in free agency this summer. "Not even thinking money. I've got more than enough money saved. If I stopped playing basketball now, I'll be alright," Rose told reporters in Utah on Wednesday night.

Ian Begley ESPN Staff Writer 

Carmelo Anthony agreed with Jeff Hornacek's admission that the Knicks should've committed to one offense and stuck with it. "Earlier we were playing faster, more free flow throughout the course of the game," he said in Utah, according to reports. "Then we kind of slowed down, started settling it down, not as fast, the pace slowed down for us as a team. It was something we had to make an adjustment on the fly in limited practice time. Once you get into the season it's hard to kind of readjust a whole system."

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The Sweet 16 is almost upon us. Who joins Lonzo Ball on Chad Ford's list of top NBA draft prospects? (Insider)

Chris Forsberg ESPN Staff Writer 

It's not quite Larry Bird scoring 47 points while shooting left-handed for much of a 1986 game against the Portland Trail Blazers but lefty Isaiah Thomas got some practice on his right-handed 3-pointers during Boston's offday practice on Thursday.


Chris Haynes ESPN Staff Writer 

Kevin Durant just did a two-handed vertical dunk before exiting the practice court. Prior, he did some spot shooting. He looks good.