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Chris Haynes ESPN Staff Writer 

Kevin Durant just did a two-handed vertical dunk before exiting the practice court. Prior, he did some spot shooting. He looks good.

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FiveThirtyEight has dropped the Cavaliers' chances for the top seed in the East to around 45 percent, after nearing 80 percent at the beginning of March. The Celtics now have the best chance for the top seed at 54 percent.

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The Cavs are currently 22nd in the NBA in defensive efficiency. Last season's team ranked 10th in the metric, tied with the 2005-06 Heat for the second-worst by a NBA champion in the last 20 seasons.

Marc Stein ESPN Senior Writer 

Who had the best SEASON? That's who gets my MVP vote. Trick is you can legit go FOR or AGAINST all four co-faves. Gonna be a fun few weeks.