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Nick Friedell ESPN Staff Writer 

LeBron James was asked Saturday about the possibility of winning another MVP award at this point in his career and acknowledged that he is playing for something more than just his own legacy at this point. "Team success is always the number one, but along the way if you're able accomplish some individual awards, individual achievements, it would mean a lot," James said after Saturday's practice. "I feel good. This is my 15th year, but this is one of the best years I've had as far as how I feel and I want to continue that. I want to kind of try to break the mold for the next generation. So just take the narrative out of 'OK, you're past your prime when you get [to] 31, or you're past your prime in your 12th year in the league, or whatever the case may be.' Hopefully I can break the mold so when the next guy comes, he can still get 200 or 300 million and be 33 years old. I'm serious. You guys are laughing, I'm serious. This is the mold I'm trying to break. It's not just about me, it's for the next crew as well ... I'll be 33 in 15 days. This is my 15th season, and this is the best I've felt in my career. I want it all!"


Home comforts. "How could I not miss New York?" -- Former New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony on return.

Royce Young ESPN Staff Writer 

Joel Embiid on getting into it with Carmelo Anthony: "He just said something like 'Don't do this with me' or something like that. I'm like, 'dude, you're not going to do anything.' ... Guys in the league, I mean, I can't remember the last time someone actually threw a punch at somebody, so I'm not worried about anybody. I've seen that a lot all over the place, about people talking about people coming back at me; I'm African, so don't try me."

Chris Forsberg ESPN Staff Writer 

Celtics rookie Daniel Theis broke his nose late in the first quarter of Friday's loss to the Utah Jazz but he accompanied the team on its flight to Memphis for the start of a brief two-game road trip.

Lawrence Murray 

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 115-109, and Bobby Portis' 29:24 off the bench was quite impactful. Portis finished with 27 points (9/16 FGs, 7/7 FTs) and 12 rebounds. Milwaukee played six players off the bench, and those players combined for only 25 points on 9/26 FGs and 11 rebounds.

Chris Forsberg ESPN Staff Writer 

Kyrie Irving on Boston's recent rough patch: "There's going to be times like this. And this is nothing yet. I guarantee it. It's nothing yet. But what we're facing is just we've probably hit a little fatigue, we've probably hit a patch where we need to kind of all collectively and individually just kind of slow down for a quick second, gather ourselves and move forward."


Royce Young ESPN Staff Writer 

Russell Westbrook on waving goodbye to Joel Embiid after the buzzer: "I told him to go home."

Nick Metallinos ESPN 

Joel Embiid on his post-game words with Westbrook: "He told me to go home, man. I mean, this is my home so I guess it's on him to go home."


Lawrence Murray 

The Toronto Raptors defeated the Brooklyn Nets 120-87. DeMar DeRozan had 31 points on 14/19 FGs, 1/2 3s, and 2/4 FTs with 2 steals. Brooklyn's starting lineup (Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert, Joe Harris, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Tyler Zeller) combined for only 28 points on 13/37 FGs, 0/9 3s, and 2/3 FTs with 1 steal.