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Sue Bird-Megan Rapinoe = couple goals LeBron James-Kyrie Irving = trouble in paradise Jordan Spieth = comeback king

Adrian Wojnarowski ESPN 

Free agent guard Derrick Rose is meeting with Cleveland Cavaliers officials in Ohio today, league sources tell ESPN.

Lawrence Murray 

James Harden leads LAUNFD with a game-high 25 points in a 67-64 win over Bulldogs at Drew League.

Lawrence Murray 

At halftime, James Harden has a game-high 16 points for LAUNFD as they lead Bulldogs 43-29.

Lawrence Murray 

James Harden is warming up ahead of his 2017 season debut at the Drew League. Harden and LAUNFD won the Drew League title in 2015.

Lawrence Murray 

New Rockets point guard Chris Paul is here at Drew League to see teammates James Harden and Bobby Brown play for LAUNFD vs. Bulldogs. Paul plans on playing next week, according to Brown.

Lawrence Murray 

Andre Drummond (22 points, 15 rebounds, 3 blocks), Stanley Johnson (17 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals), and Frank Kaminsky (11 points, 4/14 FGs) led BB4L to an 83-66 win over Metta World Peace's Pandas at Drew League. World Peace had a game-high 27 points.