Nike rolls out 'Ky-rispy Kreme' truck, headed to Cleveland

When the folks at Nike decide to pursue an idea, there aren't many others in the business world who can execute quite like they can.

Case in point, the "Ky-rispy Kreme" truck that will be touring the country -- with a limited edition Kyrie (Irving) 2 shoe in the doughnut brand's signature red and green colors, sold out of a Krispy Kreme truck.

The shoes come in a box that looks like the Krispy Kreme box, with a clear plastic window. We're told they will cost the price of every other Kyrie 2 -- $120.

The truck left Nike's Oregon headquarters on Thursday and will be in Cleveland on Tuesday if there's a Game 5 in the Cavaliers-Hawks series or on May 13 for a Game 1 in the Eastern Conference finals. It's not clear how many pairs will be available, but the truck will then stop at the House of Hoops at Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore on May 21, the House of Hoops in Harlem on May 28 and the Nike Community store in Brooklyn on May 29.

Shoe companies have food tributes every now and again (LeBron James' "Fruity Pebbles" shoe is one), though official partnerships with brands are rare. Gilbert Arenas, Adidas and the restaurant chain Benihana partnered on a shoe model in 2008. That shoe had the Benihana name on it and its logo inside the shoe.