ESPN World Fame 100: Chris Paul at No. 39; Blake Griffin 43rd

We asked Ben Alamar, ESPN's director of sports analytics, to figure out the most famous athletes in the world. Using a formula that combines athlete paychecks - salary and endorsements - with social media fan base and Google search popularity, he ranked the world's 100 most famous athletes. Here is the ESPN World Fame 100.

The Los Angeles Clippers landed two players on our list:

No. 39 Chris Paul

IT'S GOOD TO BE: One of the NBA's best point guards and leaders as well as a guy with his own app, Game Vision by Chris Paul. Paul's website claims the app can help people train to "see faster, think faster, and outperform your opponent by acting faster." It seems to work for him.

No. 43 Blake Griffin

IT'S GOOD TO BE: Building a reputation as the NBA's Master of Irony, not just one of its best dunkers. Many of Blake Griffin's commercials, and deadpan willingness to make fun of himself, are as memorable as his rim-rattling slams.