Attorneys for Knicks' Derrick Rose say LAPD investigation isn't news

The defense attorneys for New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose pushed back against the idea that the Los Angeles Police Department's investigation of his client is a significant development, pointing out that the investigation was opened more than nine months ago.

"Ms. Doe first went to the LAPD in December 2015 -- nearly 2½ years after the events of August 26-27, 2013, several months after filing this civil suit, and nearly a year ago," Rose's attorneys wrote in a court filing. "It remains true that no criminal case is pending; no charges have been filed against Mr. Rose, (or co-defendants) Mr. (Randall) Hampton, or Mr. (Ryan) Allen."

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Monday that it continues to investigate a complaint filed against Rose but said there is no timetable on if or when the case will be closed.

A woman filed a civil sexual assault case against Rose on Aug. 26, 2015, alleging she was raped by Rose and two friends. The suit accused Rose and his friends of slipping a drug into her drink before committing sexual acts against her will.

The LAPD's investigation into Rose was revealed in a letter written by LAPD detective Nadine Hernandez.

"The letter from Detective Hernandez to Mr. (Brandon) Anand (the accuser's attorney) simply repeats what the parties have known since December 2015 -- that Ms. Doe went to the LAPD in December 2015 and the LAPD opened a criminal investigation at that time that has not since resulted in criminal charges," Rose's attorneys wrote. "That separate investigation will independently run its course. It does not change the fact that no criminal charges have been brought against Mr. Rose, Mr. Allen, or Mr. Hampton, and no criminal case against Mr. Rose, Mr. Allen, or Mr. Hampton is currently pending."

Speaking earlier this week, Rose said he had not been aware of the LAPD investigation. He also said he could miss time with the team during the civil case, which is scheduled to start Oct. 4 in Los Angeles. The Knicks open their preseason schedule on the same day, on the road against the Houston Rockets.

Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek said Wednesday that the club is planning as though Rose will not miss any time.

"We anticipate that Derrick's going to be here and that's how we're progressing," Hornacek said. "... We're planning as if everybody is going to be here the whole time."