Grades: 3-point contest

Gordon says he had the hot hand in 3-point contest win (1:29)

Eric Gordon talks about going into an extra round against Kyrie Irving and his process during the competition. (1:29)


Eric Gordon
Rockets | Guard
Grade: A

Results: 25 in first round, 20 in second round, 21 in tiebreaker


After drawing boos when he was introduced from the New Orleans crowd -- which remembers his excitement to leave the Pelicans for the Houston Rockets in free agency last summer -- Gordon turned them into cheers as the champion. Gordon's 25-point first round was the best any player recorded all night, and though he missed several opportunities to close out Kyrie Irving in the Finals, Gordon clinched the shootoff early, winning 21-18 and getting an ovation from fans.

Kyrie Irving
Cavaliers | Guard
Grade: A-minus

Results: 20 in first round, 20 in second round, 18 in tiebreaker


Irving nearly ran over the allotted 60 seconds on the clock but managed to get off the final moneyball just in time. Good thing -- that pushed him to 20 points. Irving then repeated the performance in the finals, again scoring 20 points to set up a shootoff against Gordon. There, the 2013 winner made four of his five moneyballs but dropped to 18 points, which wasn't enough to beat Gordon.

Kemba Walker
Hornets | Guard
Grade: B

Results: 19 in first round, 17 in second round

Walker missed all five of his attempts from the right wing in the opening round but rebounded to go 4-of-5 from the right corner -- conveniently where he put his moneyball rack. After advancing, his score of 17 in the final didn't make him much of a threat to Gordon and Irving.

Klay Thompson
Warriors | Guard
Grade: B-minus

Results: 18 in first round

The defending champion and odds-on favorite, Thompson was surprisingly eliminated in the opening round. Thompson went to the final rack -- where he placed his moneyball rack -- with a chance to advance but couldn't make enough shots to defend the title.

Nick Young
Lakers | Guard
Grade: B-minus

Results: 18 in first round

After a slow start, scoring only four points through two racks, Young needed to make all five of his shots from the left corner to avoid elimination. He could make only four of them, ending his night.

Wesley Matthews
Mavericks | Guard
Grade: D-plus

Results: 11 in first round

The corners were surprisingly unkind to Matthews, who missed all 10 of his attempts from the first and last racks and finished with only 11 points.

C.J. McCollum
Trail Blazers | Guard
Grade: D

Results: 10 in first round

Matthews' former Portland teammate had an even worse night, scoring only 10 points.

Kyle Lowry
Raptors | Guard
Grade: F

Results: 9 in first round

Air-balling his first shot foretold a rough night for Lowry, who became the first competitor since 2011 to fail to reach double figures in a round. Even with the benefit of a full rack of moneyballs, added to the competition in 2014, Lowry scored only nine points.