2017 NBA Summer Forecast: ESPN predicts the season

LeBron James and Kevin Durant aren't only battling for titles -- they both are strong MVP contenders in 2017-18. Jason Miller/Getty Images

What will the future hold in the NBA? Our ESPN Forecast panel makes its early predictions for 2017-18:

Rookie of the Year: Lonzo in landslide?
First-time All-Stars: Who will rise?
MVP: Step aside, Westbrook? | Vote
Best newcomers: CP3, PG-13 at No. 1?
Worst newcomers: Buyer's remorse?
Team Turnaround: Wolves lead the pack?
Team Turmoil: Chaos in Cleveland?
Champions: East | West | NBA Finals
East standings: Changes at the top?
West standings: 70 wins for Golden State?

Forecast: Rookie of the Year

Forecast: First-time All-Stars

Forecast: 2017-18 NBA MVP

Forecast: Best newcomer of 2017-18

Forecast: Worst newcomer of 2017-18

Forecast: Team Turnaround for 2017-18

Forecast: Team Turmoil for 2017-18

Forecast: Eastern Conference champions

Forecast: Western Conference champions

Forecast: NBA champions

Forecast: Eastern Conference standings

1. Boston Celtics
Projected record: 54-28
Last season: 53-29

2. Cleveland Cavaliers
Projected record: 52-30
Last season: 51-31

3. Washington Wizards
Projected record: 49-33
Last season: 49-33

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Forecast: Western Conference standings

1. Golden State Warriors
Projected record: 66-16
Last season: 67-15

2. Houston Rockets
Projected record: 57-25
Last season: 55-27

3. San Antonio Spurs
Projected record: 54-28
Last season: 61-21

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