Utah Jazz F Thabo Sefolosha rescues woman on Provo River trip

Thabo Sefolosha had a memorable summer -- and not just because of his new two-year deal with the Utah Jazz.

Sefolosha, when asked by reporters after the team's Friday morning practice, revealed that he saved a woman last month from drowning while he and his family were on a rafting trip down the Provo River.

Lori Clark was floating on the river with friends and their children when her tube capsized. She struggled to keep afloat while suffering cuts and bruises from the rocks underneath the swift current. Sefolosha and his family came upon Clark, and the 6-foot-7 Swiss forward lifted her into their raft.

"He didn't realize I was really in dire straits," Clark said in an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune. "He really did save my life that day."

A humble Sefolosha asserted, "I didn't save nobody," but was surprised that he was asked about the rescue.

"Who told you about the lady?" Sefolosha said. "Wow, that's random."

After reaching dry land, Sefolosha told Clark he had recently moved from Atlanta to Utah for work. They exchanged phone numbers to check on how Clark was recovering following the ordeal.

"When I asked him where he worked, he just said he worked for the Jazz, not that he played for them," Clark said. "I kind of figured he was a player because his feet were so big."