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NBA player rankings: Harden and LeBron racing for the crown

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LeBron James and James Harden both delivered career performances last week, dropping 50 and then some, while doing it in entirely different ways. Though both were spectacular, there can only be one winner. Who rose to the top to win this week's honors?

Every week, we'll rank the top 10 players from the previous week using game score as our starting point.

Created by former stats guru and current Grizzlies VP of basketball operations John Hollinger, game score measures a player's productivity for a single outing based on weighting of various box score statistics (for a more complete explanation, check out Week 1).

Now, on to the rankings.

A friendly administrative reminder: The cut-off for our week is Sunday, so when we ignore a big Monday night performance (see: Kristaps Porzingis last week), we're simply putting a hold on doling out the much deserved love.

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