Nightclub employee: Mark Cuban intoxicated, 'gropey' during 2011 visit

While the NBA said Wednesday that it is reviewing 2011 allegations of sexual assault against Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, a man who was employed at the Portland nightclub told The Oregonian that Cuban appeared intoxicated and was "gropey" with women while taking pictures.

Cuban has denied an allegation of sexual assault after the Willamette Week alternative newspaper reported a woman's claim that Cuban put his hands down the back of her pants and touched her inappropriately while they were taking a photo at the Barrel Room in 2011.

Prosecutors declined to pursue the case, saying that they didn't believe there was evidence to support the claim and that the woman didn't want to proceed with the allegation.

Cuban told The Associated Press via email Tuesday that the alleged incident "didn't happen," but NBA spokesman Mike Bass said Wednesday that the league is reviewing the allegations contained in the original newspaper report.

On Wednesday night, The Oregonian published an account from that night that included the recollections of Christopher White, who was working as a security guard at the Barrel Room. White told the paper that he remembers a woman "jumped away [from Cuban] like she was not happy with him. ... But it sure looked like [Cuban's hand] was too low to be just on her back."

White, who told The Oregonian that he was 20 feet away, later added: "She definitely jumped after he had put his arm around her."

White said security guards had to separate them after the woman began to shout and gesture angrily at Cuban.

"This former employee of the bar who is coming forward today, seven years later, says he was watching Mr. Cuban at the critical moment when the photographs were being taken and Mr. Cuban did not put his hand in the complainant's pants," Jacob Houze, an attorney for Cuban, told The Oregonian about White's account in a statement.

"This former employee's claims about Mr. Cuban's interactions with other patrons and employees are directly refuted by all the witnesses who were interviewed by the police. Once again, this did not happen."

White, who said he wasn't among those interviewed by police about the alleged incident, said Cuban appeared intoxicated and was slurring his words when he arrived that evening at the Barrel Room with a group that included NBA star Kevin Love.

White told The Oregonian that he "believed [the club] told [Cuban] we couldn't serve him any alcohol," that the club had five security guards near Cuban and his party at all times, and Cuban was later asked to leave the establishment.

According to White, Cuban got women to take pictures with him after pointing at them, and then "he was, like, really kind of gropey toward them. It just wasn't how you'd normally pose in a picture with someone."