Marcus Morris: Refs knew they'd go after me before game started

MILWAUKEE -- Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris, frustrated by a third-quarter technical foul assessed to him during his team's Game 3 loss to the Bucks on Friday, suggested again that he believes referees have been unfair to him in recent weeks.

Morris appeared incredulous when referee Sean Corbin whistled him for a technical foul -- the only one called in Friday's game -- after Morris said something when Thon Maker missed a free throw attempt. The technical was called after Boston had pulled to within 14 points early in the second half.

Milwaukee won 116-92. Boston leads the series 2-1.

Morris promised to be on his best behavior in the postseason after a rash of technical fouls and an ejection late in the regular season. Morris has said that he believes referees have been unfair to him since he patted an official on the backside following an ejection against the Toronto Raptors in late March.

"I can't even speak on it, man," Morris said, referring to Friday's technical foul. "It's been the same s--- all year. I'm expecting it. They knew what they wanted before the game started. They knew who they wanted to go after. So that's on [the referees]."

Before the playoffs, Morris began playfully tweeting at the NBA and apologizing to the referees after some calls went against him following the backside patting (Morris was not fined for the incident).

On Friday night, even after Boston got into the bonus early in the first quarter, Morris wasn't the only one who wasn't thrilled about the calls against Boston.

Al Horford got tangled with Eric Bledsoe at one point in the first half but didn't get a whistle when Bledsoe made contact with Horford while trying to retreat upcourt following a made basket.

"Those were interesting plays," Horford said with a laugh. "That's the way it goes. I definitely will learn from it. We'll learn from it as a group, and we'll be better.

"They're definitely tough there. I can't say much else. I don't want to give away money. If I'm going to give away money, I want to give it to charity. I don't want to give the league money, so we'll leave it at that. Maybe if I say it in Spanish, and then I won't get fined, right?"