LaMelo Ball sparks brawl in game in Lithuania

LaMelo Ball was ejected from a game in Lithuania on Monday after sparking a brawl.

Ball, the youngest brother of Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball, was playing for a "USA" team made up of players from the Junior Basketball Association -- the league started by his father, LaVar Ball -- on an international tour.

Mindaugas Susinskas of Lithuanian club Dzukija appeared to tap LaMelo Ball on the back of the head after a ball went out of play, and the 17-year-old responded by striking his opponent in the face.

That sparked some pushing and shoving as players from both teams gathered in the corner, and both Ball and Susinskas were ejected.

Ball's team was leading by 15 at the time of the incident in the third quarter but went on to lose to the professional opponent, 124-116.

Ball and his brother LiAngelo played in Lithuania in the past year for BC Prienai.