'Antsy' Curry returns to Warriors after three-week absence

Curry returns, drops 27 points (1:08)

Steph Curry returns to the lineup after missing 11 games with a groin strain and scores 27 points on 10-of-21 shooting. (1:08)

DETROIT -- Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry admitted to being a little "antsy" in his return to the floor on Saturday night after missing the past 11 games because of a strained left groin.

Curry, who had not played since a Nov. 8 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks when he suffered the injury, scored 27 points, grabbed five rebounds, made three assists and had seven turnovers in almost 37 minutes during Saturday's 111-102 loss to the Detroit Pistons.

"I've had great games after missing substantial time before," Curry said. "Tonight was not like that. It was just more being really antsy in times when I got the ball in my hands, feeling like I had to make something happen. I didn't really force much, it was just the timing was off. My teammates were doing a great job trying to find me and getting me going. I think a little bit of that kind of worked against us if I wasn't able to finish possessions. Everybody was doing a little bit too much sacrificing and that happens at times when your lineups change and things like that, but we'll adjust back to how we normally play. Everybody will continue to be aggressive and confident and we'll get back to Warrior basketball."

Curry's reappearance on the floor was a welcome sight for a Warriors group that has missed his presence on and off the court at times throughout the past few weeks. Curry said his wind was "fine" during the game, but his teammates and coaches understand he's got some rust he's still trying to knock off.

"He was up and down," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. "He got himself going after a little while, a slow start. It wasn't his best game but I'm not at all worried about Steph."

Curry called his first-half performance "terrible," but was happy with how he was able to bounce back later in the game.

"It was two different halves," Curry said. "The first half I was going 100 miles an hour but just didn't have the right timing. Wasn't seeing the floor very well or seeing the rim very well for that matter. The second half was better, a little more aggressive, decisive, and obviously seeing some shots go down. Just gaining confidence and feeling good so I'm sure that will carry over every game."

Kerr was disappointed in himself after the game, calling it one of his worst performances as a coach, and he did not like the way his offense was running. With Curry back, the offense should find its rhythm again in short order. The group plays with a different confidence knowing the former MVP can get hot at any moment.

"A little rust at first, but that's going to happen," Warriors teammate Klay Thompson said. "It's really hard to get out the gate and do what you've been doing for years. But he obviously picked it up the second half and was his usual self and I expect him to be great for us the rest of the road trip and beyond. He's such an amazing talent I don't think I need to speak on that."

Thompson added the same thought that his teammates and coaches believe -- it won't take long for Curry to run and gun with his teammates the same way he normally does.

"He's so good you can insert him in any lineup, any system," Thompson said. "He's going to thrive."


Curry hits open 3 in return

Steph Curry drains his first 3-pointer of the game, pulling up for an uncontested triple from the elbow.

The Warriors continue their five-game road trip on Monday night against the Atlanta Hawks. Warriors star Kevin Durant believes his team will play better after having a game to adjust to Curry's return.

"I think he looked good," Durant said. "He caught his rhythm later obviously. But how many games is it that he'd been out? Eleven. You want to come in and you want to play well. You kind of want to be aggressive as soon as you get into the game, and I like his aggressiveness. His body looked great, wind looked great, it's a matter of time before he gets into the flow of the NBA game. Even MVPs like that it might take more than just a game -- for him it's probably a half to really get in the flow of things. But I'm expecting next game for us to come out and play better."