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Official NBA ref group says Bradley Beal didn't travel

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Video of Bradley Beal getting away with what looked like an egregious travel was receiving  a lot of mileage on social media Tuesday. Now, the referees are pumping the brakes, saying the play was legal.

During the Wizards' game Monday against the Pistons, Beal picked up his dribble near the free throw line and took what looked like three steps. He then bobbled the ball under the basket and took a couple more before passing. No call was made.

After the game, Beal appeared to poke fun at himself by tweeting "look clean to me" with some laughing emojis. 

After the clip made the rounds Tuesday morning, the National Basketball Referees Association tweeted a response.

Beal got a kick out of that too.

The refs appear to have gathered that their explanation wasn't really calming the furor, so they doubled down.

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