Ranking every NBA player: 16-20

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What's so sweet about 16 again?Thu Oct 13 22:51:56 via Twitter for iPhone

K.Love might be a stat stuffer, but not a game changer to get wins for his team #NBArankThu Oct 13 22:57:34 via web

Really, 16? The 30-30 game alone should get Kevin Love in the Top 15 of #nbarank.Thu Oct 13 22:41:35 via Twitter for Android

If Kevin Love was on a winning team, he would definitely have a higher rank, but 16 just goes to show how good this guy really is! #NBArankThu Oct 13 22:13:40 via Plume




Rajon Rondo
Boston Celtics | PG | Age: 25
Drafted: 21st in 2006 (by PHX)


I'd like to see Rajon Rondo play somewhere else and see where he lands on #NBArank. #DAntoniQuotesThu Oct 13 20:10:58 via web

#NBArank in what world is Rajon Rondo better than Chris Bosh?Thu Oct 13 20:14:45 via web

#NBArank 17: Rajon Rondo can't shoot outside of 15 feet, but he can pass, rebound and defend. I think that makes up for it.Thu Oct 13 20:09:34 via web




Manu Ginobili
S.A. Spurs | SF | Age: 34
Drafted: 58th in 1999 (by SAS)


Ranking ESPN de los mejores jugadores de la NBA. Me pusieron 18. http://t.co/bvuJAiG6. Nada mal para alguien c/ + de 1/3 de siglo... (ESPN Ranking of the best players in the NBA. They put me 18th. Not bad for someone more than a third of a century old...)Thu Oct 13 21:42:53 via TweetDeck

Manu Ginobili. Number 18 in #NBArank, and number 1 in #RecklessPenetrationsRank, as well as in #BatBusterRank.Thu Oct 13 18:12:20 via Mobile Web

@NBAonESPN Manu Ginobili: Most underrated draft pick EVER. Will go into the Hall of Fame as the lowest pick. #unbreakablerecords #NBArankThu Oct 13 18:24:45 via web




Tim Duncan
S.A. Spurs | PF | Age: 35
Drafted: 1st in 1997 (by SAS)

#NBArank Tim Duncan at 19 at age 35 and still the most fundamental big man in the game. Thu Oct 13 17:31:28 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

#NBArank feels like Tim Duncan at 19 is a lifetime achievement award ...Thu Oct 13 18:07:44 via web

I will credit Tim Duncan for being the anti-Ewing at the end of his career. He has sacrificed his numbers and touches for the team. #NBArankThu Oct 13 18:29:23 via web

#NBArank First an All-Star Game, now top 20 in NBArank? Tim Duncan keeps getting these lifetime achievement awards.Thu Oct 13 17:00:42 via tGadget




Zach Randolph
Memphis Grizzlies | PF | Age: 30
Drafted: 19th in 2001 (by POR)


#NBArank 20: Zach Randolph is a machine. If you want a championship team in fantasy basketball, look to get him.Thu Oct 13 16:03:35 via Power Twitter

Zach Randolph's number 20 in the #NBArank is well deserved after his dominant playoff performance.Thu Oct 13 16:35:15 via web

I know what the numbers say, but Kevin Love and Blake Griffin were not better players than Zach Randolph (or Aldridge) last season. #NBArankThu Oct 13 15:59:59 via TweetDeck

#NBArank We now live in a world where people think Zach Randolph is ranked too low as the 20th best player. Crazy, but rightfully so.Thu Oct 13 16:38:16 via TweetDeck

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* Score: Tiebreakers are first based on percentage points; scores have been rounded off. The second tiebreaker is based on John Hollinger's estimated wins added for the 2010-11 NBA season (rookies were given an EWA of zero).