#NBArank: Player reactions

LeBron James

#NBArank: No. 1

S/O @NBAonESPN and many thanks to the journalists for that blessing! I'm very humbled and I strive and try to be the best every time I take the floor. Gotta keep working though. Nowhere near satisfied.Wed Oct 19 00:46:12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

Dwight Howard

#NBArank: No. 2

@Magic_44 Thank you, it's very humbling. Thanks ESPN. Tue Oct 18 18:23:08 via Twitter for iPhone

Dwyane Wade

#NBArank: No. 3

I guess 3 is my magic number haha courtesy of @NBAonESPN... Right or wrong, thank you guys for taking the time out to talk abt all the players.Wed Oct 19 01:02:25 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

Chris Paul

#NBArank: No. 4

Kind of busy yest to say the least so I didn't get a chance to say THANK YOU to @NBA_on_ESPN #NBArank and fans for #4!!! #Humbled #Gr8fulWed Oct 19 13:46:51 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

But DON'T get it twisted lol...I still have A LOT of work to do and y'all can let @KingJames know that I'm coming for that #1 spot!!! #CompeteWed Oct 19 13:54:50 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Dirk Nowitzki

#NBArank: No. 5

RT @Schwe_String: @swish41 How do you feel being ranked #5 by ESPN? (It's an honor to be mentioned among top players in the world. Period)Wed Oct 19 15:41:37 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

Somebody please explain how @swish41 is ranked 5th in the N.B.A after last year? Name 1 player that played better? & don't worry I got time.Wed Oct 19 04:26:45 via Twitter for iPhone

@drew_k12 @swish41 @nbaonespn What about puttin' your team on your back and willing them to an NBA championship bucket after bucket!!! Hmmm??Wed Oct 19 04:39:24 via Twitter for iPhone

Kevin Durant

#NBArank: No. 6

@waldorfsfinest: U feel like u top5 tho right? Jus checkin.

@KDTrey5: nahMon Oct 17 20:45:15 via Echofon

Reaction to Kobe Bryant, No. 7:

Kobe has been ranked 7th best player in the NBA by @NBAonESPN. - simply crap...as Mark Jackson would say u r better than that ESPN. Mon Oct 17 23:57:49 via Twitter for iPhone

But putting Kobe at number 7 is disrespectful. He is going to give someone 82 this year just because of that.Wed Oct 19 01:00:28 via Twitter for iPhone

I'm surprised that most of you think Kobe's ranking is fair!!! Kobe 100% is a top 3 NBA player. Yes he's getting older but also wiser.Wed Oct 19 04:58:49 via Echofon

Kobe knows when to get his teammates involved and when to take over. He's the most clutch player and the most feared.That doesn't = number 7.Wed Oct 19 04:59:57 via Echofon

#espn put Kobe at 7? Omg what are they doing? Please don't shake the lion from the tree smh!!!Wed Oct 19 04:56:29 via Echofon

Deron Williams

#NBArank: No. 9

Feel Blessed to be CONSIDERED one of the 10 best players in the World. #NBArank! Thanks for the support from my fans and hatersMon Oct 17 18:30:51 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Carmelo Anthony

#NBArank: No. 12

I needed some motivation today and i just received it. Thank you @NBAonESPN!!!!!!!!!Fri Oct 14 20:34:36 via web

Russell Westbrook

#NBArank: No. 15

Smh!!!!!Fri Oct 14 18:48:21 via Echofon

Kevin Love

#NBArank: No. 16

What's so sweet about 16 again?Thu Oct 13 22:51:56 via Twitter for iPhone

Manu Ginobili

#NBArank: No. 18

Spanish: Ranking ESPN de los mejores jugadores de la NBA. Me pusieron 18. http://t.co/bvuJAiG6. Nada mal para alguien c/ + de 1/3 de siglo...

English: ESPN Ranking of the best players in the NBA. They put me 18th. http://t.co/bvuJAiG6. Not bad for someone more than a third of a century old...
Thu Oct 13 21:42:53 via TweetDeck

Andre Iguodala

#NBArank: No. 34

Too low...Mon Oct 10 17:22:25 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Stephen Curry

#NBArank: No. 38

@OnDrayMacKneel: WHY IS ESPN DISRESPECTING YOU WITH THIS PALTRY #38 RANKING. I don't take kindly to it.

@StephenCurry30: me either lolFri Oct 07 23:51:04 via Twitter for iPhone

Serge Ibaka

#NBArank: No. 56

i just work hard and play hard, i dont rank players RT @dailythunder
@sergeibaka9 How do you feel about your ranking? Too high? Too low?Tue Oct 04 18:47:25 via web

Ty Lawson

#NBArank: No. 64

I wanna be top 50 next year..grinding too hard not to be.Mon Oct 03 22:34:09 via Twitter for iPad

Tony Allen

#NBArank: No. 72

@NBAonESPN thas cool I'm top 100 but my heart!!! #1. S/o 2 @NBAonESPN. They know!Fri Sep 30 22:23:05 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Jamal Crawford

#NBArank: No. 76

@JCrossover Why'd you get put # 76 for the #NBArank? ... you top 30 at least. They trippin -- I'll prove them wrong this year!Sun Oct 02 06:24:08 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Arron Afflalo

#NBArank: No. 78

77 to pass ... old fashion pinky promise ... http://t.co/lMafMGLNFri Sep 30 23:35:03 via web

Jrue Holiday

#NBArank: No. 83

RT @phillybob17 How is @Jrue_Holiday11 only ranked 83rd best player in the league? #showyaluv#justsayinThu Sep 29 via Twitter for iPhone

Caron Butler

#NBArank: No. 87

Headlines ... They say I fell off, huh? I needed that. Fri Sep 30 11:55:03 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

J.J. Barea

#NBArank: No. 92

RT @rerodriguex @jjbareapr @jayfonsecapr Congratulations J.J. Barea ranked 92 at #NBArankTue Oct 18 14:52:56 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Wesley Mathews

#NBArank: No. 100

Love waking up to motivation RT @NBAonESPN: #NBArank 100: Wesley Matthews (@wessywes2). http://t.co/T6s42dR3 (Rating: 5.64/10)Wed Sep 28 17:07:25 via Echofon

Jared Dudley

#NBArank: No. 133

Yo #NBArank I wanna know which expert game me the lowest score lol It's an honor to be rank this high, I'll try an crack top 100 nxt yr!!Thu Sep 22 16:58:47 via Echofon

C.J. Watson

#NBArank: No. 258

Recount please!!! Lol RT @Babytoothdoc: RT @NBAonESPN: #NBArank 258: C.J. Watson. http://t.co/zhzgBr4 @quietstorm_32Tue Sep 06 18:01:01 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

Marquis Daniels

#NBArank: No. 293

Recount RT @NBAonESPN: #NBArank 293: Marquis Daniels. http://t.co/KtSZBWLThu Sep 08 02:38:12 via Echofon

Jalen Rose, ESPN analyst and former NBA player

I have strong opinions about the @NBAonESPN top 100 players list that I can't wait to share! #voice of reasonWed Oct 19 19:54:48 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Judging Athletes solely on Championships is like comparing Musicians based on record sales! #"Dumb it Down" @LupeFiasco voiceWed Oct 19 20:22:23 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Jerry West is the NBA logo & nicknamed Mr.Clutch yet his teams were 1-8 during NBA Finals appearances...he is still an all time great!Wed Oct 19 20:40:20 via Twitter for BlackBerry®