Forecast: Coach of Year race close

Voters think George Karl should be Coach of the Year, but Erik Spoelstra will be Coach of the Year. Getty Images

Uh-oh. It's the 2000 presidential election all over again, and once again Florida and Miami-Dade County are involved.

With Denver coach George Karl and Miami coach Erik Spoelstra each streaking toward the finish line, the Coach of the Year race looks like a photo finish.

In fact, our voters are of two minds -- by very narrow margins, they tend to think that Karl should win but that Spo will win. Even then, we're really in too-close-to-call, let's-get-a-recount territory.

And maybe it comes down to the last three nights of the season. For instance, if Denver were to drop from the third seed, that might be enough to tip the scales toward South Beach.

Here is the full voting breakdown by our ESPN Forecast panel.

ESPN Forecast: Who should win the Coach of the Year award?

Voters ranked their top three picks, with a 5-3-1 scoring system

ESPN Forecast: Who will win the Coach of the Year award?

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