John Stockton reenacts 'The Shot' during '97 Jazz reunion

The 1996-97 Utah Jazz team that made it to the NBA Finals for the first of back-to-back seasons is having a 20-year reunion on Wednesday and will be honored at halftime against the New York Knicks.

It was a season when the Jazz won a franchise-record 64 games, led by Karl Malone and John Stockton.

Surrounded by reporters at the team's practice facility, Stockton and former teammate Byron Russell entertained the media by reenacting "The Shot" from Game 6 of the Western Conference finals in 1997.

The play -- a 3-pointer by Stockton and one of the franchise's defining moments -- ended the Houston Rockets' season, and sent the Jazz to the Finals to face Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

He appears to have made it on the first attempt, showing that he has a little game left in the tank.

"You guys gotta notice it went in, right? Pretty ugly though," Stockton said after recreating his fist-pump celebration from 20 years ago.

-- Josiah Turner