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Nuggets mascot Rocky joins in on #DriveByDunkChallenge

Denver Nuggets

As we all know by now, the #DriveByDunkChallenge has been a viral sensation this summer. It started with a few kids having fun, but then pro athletes and some popular coaches (such as Kentucky's John Calipari) started joining in on the craze, too.

But this time around, it was Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky bringing some of his creative flavor to the challenge. 

Rocky just might have taken the cake for the funniest participant of them all. He jumped off his own car, used props for assistance and almost broke someone's goal by dunking a little too hard. 

Oh, and he did so while blasting the 1990 hit song "I've Got The Power" by Snap. 

How perfect. 

-- Josiah Turner

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