Instant Awesome: Steph Curry reconnects with young fan Brody after visiting him at the hospital

Remember when Stephen Curry used his day off to fulfill the wish of Brody Stephens, a young, die-hard basketball fan battling leukemia, by visiting him in the hospital?

The two have crossed paths again.

Brody and Curry are seen here catching up before the Golden State Warriors' game against the Utah Jazz on Monday in Oakland. Brody was present for the game behind the scenes, and he was ecstatic to be the ball boy.

You might also remember this video of Brody working on his dribbling while undergoing treatment at the hospital. It was after that video surfaced that Curry paid him a visit. After the meeting, Curry had this to say:

"I had the easy part, showing up and getting to know Brody," Curry told the Indianapolis Star. "And hopefully giving him a lasting memory for a long time. We had a great time."

Especially after seeing this photo, it's clear that not only did both leave a lasting impression on each other but also this has grown into a wonderful friendship.