LeBron James ready for London

MIAMI -- Apparently it is never too early to make reservations for the London Olympics, but not all of the of Miami Heat's former Olympians are ready to call travel agents yet.

Though the timing seems odd, this week 2008 gold medalists Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard said they plan to rejoin Team USA in 2012. It was more of a surprise for Bryant, who has battled injuries over the past few years, to commit so early.

LeBron James seemed eager to follow suit when asked about his long-term plans on Thursday. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh weren't as ready to commit this far out.

"I would love to be a part of that team," James said. "If [coach Mike Krzyzewski] needs me to be a part of that team, I'm available. Hopefully I'm healthy enough to be a part of that team. Coach K has my number."

Wade and Bosh cited the calendar, noting July 2012 is a ways away.

"I'm just focused on right now, there's too much going on in my life right now to try to think about that," Bosh said. "Once the season is over and the summer comes we'll talk about it."

"It is a ways off, I've got a lot of other things to worry about that I deal with off the court," Wade said. "I'm not there to where I have to make a decision. I'm glad those guys said that and they're going to play for our team. When the time comes it will be made but it will be a collective decision that I'll make with my family."

Team USA already has a spot in the Games thanks to winning the FIBA World Championship the past summer with a team that didn't include any of the 2008 gold medalists. Next summer there is no need for the team to play in a qualifier as it had to do in Las Vegas in 2007.

The team is expected to gather for some workouts and at least one exhibition game next summer.

Brian Windhorst covers the Heat for ESPN.com.