LeBron, Daniel Gibson clear the air

MIAMI -- Despite some awkward moments and some tough talk during and after his return to Cleveland this week, LeBron James and former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Daniel Gibson remain friends.

James said he called Gibson Saturday after Gibson implied in an interview Friday that his four-year friendship with James had been damaged after the Heat's 118-90 win over the Cavs on Thursday.

James implied that Gibson felt he was misquoted and said everything is now patched up between the two.

"Did he say that? Did he actually be quoted as me and LeBron's friendship is [over]?" James said. "I talked to Daniel today and it is all good. We're still friends."

When asked about the conversation before the Cavs took on the Timberwolves in Minneapolis, Gibson didn't want to elaborate to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"Yeah, we did [talk]," Gibson said. "I'd rather not say exactly what it was about. It was more that we're both competitive people. We both want to win. That's what it's all about."

Friday Gibson said he was upset by James coming over and talking to the Cavs bench during the game and also making some gestures to ex-teammates during his 24-point third quarter.

James ended the game with a season-high 38 points.

"He did some things and made some gestures," Gibson said then. "It was some of the things that he'd do when he was here on our team that we would ride with. Him being the opponent he did some of those same things, I, for one, didn't like it."

The reaction James got from ex-teammates became a lingering issue over the last few days. While cameras caught James talking to the Cavs bench on several occasions, most players actually ignored him or gave him a cold reaction.

"I didn't expect too much, I didn't ask for too much for any of my ex-teammates, " James said. "For the most part, everyone's reception was kind of cold."

Brian Windhorst is an ESPN.com NBA writer.