LeBron 'excited' by Ray Allen addition

LAS VEGAS -- Miami Heat superstar LeBron James can't hide his excitement when it comes to his newest teammate Ray Allen.

"What do you want to know?" he said with a smile, when asked about Allen's arrival Saturday night after Team USA was announced. "I'm excited. I'm excited. It was someone that we really wanted.

"It was someone that we pursued and we have a lot of confidence in our front office and they went and did it, so we're excited to have Ray. Another guy that can stretch the floor for us, another guy that can make plays not only for himself, but for others, and (he's) a champion. So he's going to fit right into what we want to do as a team and it's exciting."

Allen's agent Jim Tanner confirmed to ESPN.com on Friday that his client had decided to sign with the reigning NBA champion. It was a move that James, the reigning league MVP, was happy about.

James said Allen will fit in with the core of a group that just won the title and he believes Allen's veteran leadership and experience will help his team. James admitted he had some doubts that Allen would decide to leave the Boston Celtics to come play with the Heat.

"Yeah, absolutely," James said. "You still don't know until (July) 11th when guys can officially sign, but you never know where a guy's mind is, but we're happy that he chose us. We're going to welcome him, Miami's going to welcome him and his family with open arms. We look forward to him joining us."

James, who also captured the NBA Finals MVP, doesn't expect his mindset to change even though everyone will be gunning for the Heat given their recent success.

"That doesn't change for me," he said. "It's been like that for me since ... '05-'06. I've been in that position where I felt like I was being hunted and I didn't even have a championship. My approach doesn't change."