Dunleavy still key to unlocking lottery

The Chicago pre-draft camp helped crystallize the draft process -- but not with the players on the court. The action was in the stands at the Moody Bible Institute where scouts, general managers and player personnel directors were speculating on who is going where, what trades could occur and who was rising and falling.

The players on the court were predominantly second-round or NBDL level talent. There were a handful of players who could jump up and get into the first round, but the consensus was that this could be the first year where no one from the camp is selected during the first round. The main concerns among teams were:

  • What's going to happen with Yao Ming?

  • Will Mike Dunleavy and Curtis Borchardt stay in the draft?

  • How high will Qyntel Woods, Amare Stoudemire and Maybyner Hilario go in the draft?

    The draft is still 16 days away, but hopefully after discussions with a number of teams, who talk to a number of teams, we can provide a educated glance into what could occur on June 26. Remember, this mock draft doesn't take into account possible trades, because they haven't happened yet, but recognizes that they could occur. And, players like Dunleavy and Borchardt are in the mock draft because they're still in the draft -- at least until the June 19 deadline for underclassmen to withdraw.

    Just missing the first-round cut: USC's Sam Clancy, Hawaii's Predrag Savovic, Boris Diaw-Riffiod (France), Mladen Sekularac (Yugoslavia), Zaur Pachulia (Georgian), Fordham's Smush Parker, Miami's John Salmons, Stanford's Casey Jacobsen, Luis Scola (Spain), Notre Dame's Ryan Humprey, David Andersen (Australia), Fresno State's Tito Maddox, Virginia's Roger Mason Jr., and Cincinnati's Steve Logan.

    Andy Katz is a senior writer at ESPN.com. He covers the NBA draft for ESPN.com and ESPN.