Bertman ready to bid farewell to Rosenblatt

June, 19, 2010

OMAHA, Neb. -- Skip Bertman made it to Omaha 19 times for the College World Series as the coach at LSU.

His 12th trip without a team began Saturday.

"It's a great place for me to go; the relationships in Omaha are wonderful," Bertman said. "I think it has to do with the format of the College World Series where you get a day off, sometimes two. You practice for an hour and a half, then you've got the rest of the time to form a lot of relationships with people that are here, and I think some of them will last a lifetime. People see you in another part of the country, and they remember."

Bertman has often come to Omaha as a representative for the College Baseball Hall of Fame, but this year, he arrives as a member of the College World Series Legends Team.

Most of the 28 members arrived in Omaha to say goodbye to Rosenblatt Stadium, which is hosting its final series before the event moves to a new stadium downtown.

"I think the NCAA and the city of Omaha have taken Rosenblatt as far as it can go," Bertman said. "They've knocked down walls, built this, did that, and everyone of them is successful. But now they've outgrown even this.

"When the kids come to Omaha, they shouldn't have a less than perfect locker room. … I think this is the time to make the move. We did it at Alex Box [LSU's stadium] two years ago, and they did it at Yankee Stadium, and I haven't heard people say to me, 'Boy, I miss that old place.' They don't say that. They've got a wider seat, they've got better bathrooms, better concession stands. They're going to love it."



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