Remember The Titans

Cal State Fullerton
The Titans are all smiles after their title-clinching win.

Cal State Fullerton had all the answers in Omaha. The Titans, who started 15-16, capped a memorable run to the 2004 national championship with a 3-2 win over Texas. Kurt Suzuki provided the final answer in his final at bat, writes Wayne Drehs, but the Titans had a great tutor.
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    Drehs: All in the family

    Cal State Fullerton's Scott Sarver knew he could perform well against South Carolina. He wasn't the only one.
    Drehs: Easy Street

    Huston Street and Texas came out on top in a showdown between college baseball's best relievers.
    Drehs: Common bond

    Augie Garrido and George Horton are very different, but the coaches share a friendship and a desire to win the 2004 CWS title.
    Drehs: Secret formulas

    South Carolina's found one heartfelt -- and one unusual -- recipe for turning it around in Omaha. Both are working.
    Caple: For the love of the game
    It doesn't get all that much attention, but there's something special about the College World Series in Omaha.
    Caple: Eye of the Tiger

    Even with their business-like approach, LSU might find themselves at the CWS "barbecue" sooner than planned.