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Fresno State
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The 47-31 Bulldogs won their first national championship Wednesday.
For the past six weeks, Fresno State has continually defied the odds. On Wednesday night, the Bulldogs stunned national 8-seed Georgia, and in the process, rewrote the history books. Tim Griffin

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A condensed schedule was supposed to help level the playing field in college baseball. On second thought … Mark Schlabach
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Around the Horn: Out of this world
Holden Sprague yielded eight hits and five runs in a less-than-stellar 3 1/3-inning effort. But considering the way Fresno State was hitting in Game 2, just gobbling up a few innings was huge for the Bulldogs' beleaguered pitching staff.
Griffin: Plucky Bulldogs continue to defy odds
After surrendering a three-run lead in Game 1 and falling into a 5-0 hole early in Game 2, most teams would have thrown in the towel. But Fresno State's struggles early in the season taught the Bulldogs how to bounce back from adversity.
Around the Horn: Can the Bulldogs bounce back?
Fresno State is no stranger to adversity. The Bulldogs haven't seen home in weeks and seemingly half the lineup is playing through pain. But can the Bulldogs recapture the magic and push the CWS finals to three games?
Kimmey: Burning College World Series finals questions
With Fresno State advancing to the best-of-three CWS finals to face Georgia, there's a great chance college baseball could see its first (Bull)dog pile featuring a team with more than 23 losses.
Griffin: Beckham calls the shots in Game 1 of CWS finals
After a quiet start to the CWS, Georgia's All-American shortstop, Gordon Beckham, exploded in Game 1 of the finals. His two-run blast in the eighth ignited a four-run rally that put the Dawgs in the driver's seat.
Around the Horn: Magic Men
Fresno State third baseman Erik Wetzel expected big things from the Bulldogs. But even he must be surprised by his team's historic run through the NCAA tournament -- all the way to the College World Series finals.
McKeever: 'What a difference a year makes'
As a player, Dave Perno was a member of Georgia's only national championship team. As a coach, he's led the Dawgs from a disappointing 2007 campaign to the College World Series finals.
McKeever: Positive reinforcement
The biggest difference between last season's 23-33 Georgia squad and the CWS finals-bound Dawgs? Rich Poythress and his Georgia teammates have perfected the art of positive thinking.
Around the Horn: Flack Attack
Chad Flack has come up big for North Carolina in the past. But there was perhaps no bigger stage than on Saturday night, when Flack hit a two-run home run to extend the Tar Heels' stay in Omaha.
Around the Horn: Senior Moment
On Tuesday, Jared Bradford threw 106 pitches to help LSU eliminate Rice. Three days later, his 76-pitch effort in 5 2/3 innings kept LSU even with UNC. Bradford left it all on the mound and ended his career with two memorable performances.
McKeever: Aces of Bases
Tim Federowicz's ninth-inning grand slam that gave Carolina a 7-3 lead may have been the play of the day. But you need to look to the mound, not the plate, if you want the real reason the Heels survived an elimination game against LSU.
Around the Horn: Miami's offense falters
Miami had the most powerful and feared offense in the country all season long. But the Hurricanes offense faltered against some good Stanford pitching, ending the No. 1 overall seed's season.
McKeever: Pitching combo extends Stanford's season
Stanford pitchers Danny Sandbrink and Erik Davis split the workload against Miami and stifled the Hurricanes' offense to keep the Cardinal's season alive.
McKeever: Miami runs out of steam
It's not always the best team that wins the College World Series, as Miami learned the hard way. The No. 1-seeded Hurricanes' offense faltered at the wrong time against Stanford in their elimination game.
Around the Horn: The CWS wild card
As the only No. 4 regional seed ever to advance to Omaha, Fresno is the darling of this field. Clearly, though, the Bulldogs are proving that they're more than just happy to be here.
McKeever: LSU is the Dean of comebacks
After the Tigers' performance in the super regional round, it should come as no surprise that LSU has a dramatic streak. Tuesday's four-run rally in the ninth is just another comeback in a long history of LSU late rallies at the College World Series.
Around the Horn: Where the wild things are
Georgia's Matt Cerione drove in the winning run with two outs in the seventh of Monday's winners' bracket game against Stanford. The Bulldogs' sophomore center fielder might have a concussion to credit for his outstanding CWS play.
McKeever: Miami gets out of a hairy situation
Dennis Raben's mohawk is more good-luck charm than fashion statement. Since shaving his head, he has come up big when Miami needs him most -- including two big plays in the Canes' elimination game against archrival Florida State.
Around the Horn: White's Stripes
North Carolina was the only favored team to win in the first two days of the College World Series. The Tar Heels can attribute part of their success to the maturation of starting pitcher Alex White.
Merrill: Big hearts, big bats propel Fresno State
Fresno State, the first regional 4-seed to make the College World Series, continued its magical run with a rout of Rice on Sunday. Big bats -- and bigger hearts -- are the keys to the Bulldogs' success, writes Liz Merrill.
Around the Horn: Fields' Day
Day 1 at the College World Series wasn't great for the ACC, as No. 1 seed Miami and No. 4 seed Florida State both fell in the ninth inning, to Georgia and Stanford, respectively.
Merrill: Cardinal play tricks on Florida State
Florida State made a comeback in the eighth inning. But Stanford made a statement in the ninth. The Cardinal scored 11 runs to send the 4-seed Seminoles to the losers' bracket.
Merrill: Fresno State is crashing the CWS party
Fresno State isn't college baseball royalty. But the Bulldogs are anything but afraid. The hardest part of their trip to Omaha -- the flight from Fresno -- is already over, writes Elizabeth Merrill.
Kimmey: Five burning College World Series questions
Will the home run chase continue in Omaha? How much does momentum matter? And how did Fresno State get to Omaha? Will Kimmey answers five burning tournament questions.
Albright: Box finale becomes house of horrors for Irvine
After playing host to one of the most improbable comebacks in LSU history Sunday night, Alex Box Stadium was retired in style Monday, as the Tigers ousted UC Irvine en route to their 14th College World Series.
Haller: Fresno State extends Cinderella streak
Fresno State became the first regional No. 4 seed to advance to the College World Series on Monday, sending heavily-favored Arizona State home a week early.
Dinich: Balance key to Miami's success
Miami has hit 100 home runs this season, but the Canes aren't just sluggers. They can steal. They can pitch. And they boast a sharp, instinctive defense -- all of which they'll need in Omaha, writes Heather Dinich.
Schlabach: Florida State survives Shockers, fans
Florida State hasn't made a trip to Omaha since 2000. The Seminoles' latest attempt was nearly derailed by a pesky Wichita State team and a Steve Bartman-esque play -- but Florida State prevailed to advance to the College World Series.
Norwood: Stanford completes comeback, earns CWS trip
Better pitching and defense -- and more predictably, good hitting -- helped Stanford turn it around after last year's abysmal 28-28 record and get back to being more like, well, Stanford.
Norwood: Coaching paves way for Fullerton's success
Despite modest athletic budgets and playing in the shadow of Pac-10 powers, Cal State Fullerton and UC Irvine have thrived. What are the secrets to their success?
Schlabach: Dawgs rally to win Athens Regional
After losing to NCAA tourney newbie Lipscomb, Ga., in true Bulldog form, strung together four straight wins to advance to the super regional round. It's par for the course, writes Mark Schlabach.


2008 College World Series schedule
Omaha, Neb.

Double elimination
All times Eastern.

June 14
Stanford 16, Florida State 5
Georgia 7, Miami 4

Sunday, June 15
Fresno State 17, Rice 5
UNC 8, LSU 4

Monday, June 16
Miami 7, Florida State 5Florida State is eliminated.
Georgia 4, Stanford 3

Tuesday, June 17
LSU 6, Rice 5Rice is eliminated.
Fresno State 5, UNC 3

Wednesday, June 18
Stanford 8, Miami 3Miami is eliminated.

Thursday, June 19
North Carolina-LSU suspended

Friday, June 20
UNC 7, LSU 3LSU is eliminated.

Saturday, June 21
Georgia 10, Stanford 8Stanford is eliminated.
UNC 4, Fresno State 3

Sunday, June 22
Fresno State 6, North Carolina 1UNC is eliminated.

Monday, June 23
Georgia 7, Fresno State 6

Tuesday, June 24
Fresno State 19, Georgia 10

Wednesday, June 25
Fresno State 6, Georgia 1Georgia is eliminated.
Fresno State wins the College World Series.

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College World Series Champion

Team Capsules
Fresno State Bulldogs
Fresno State State Record: 47-31
Seed: Regional No. 4
CWS results: Defeated Rice, 17-5; Defeated UNC, 5-3; Lost to UNC, 4-3; Defeated UNC, 6-1; Lost to Georgia, 7-6; Defeated Georgia, 19-10; Defeated Georgia, 6-1
How they advanced: Won Long Beach Regional; won Tempe Super Regional
CWS appearances: 4 (1959, '88, '91, 2008)
NCAA championships: 1 (2008)

Eliminated College World Series Teams

Team Capsules
Florida State Seminoles
Florida State Record: 54-14
Seed: No. 4 overall
CWS results: Lost to Stanford, 16-5; lost to Miami, 7-5
How they advanced: Won Tallahassee Regional; won Tallahassee Super Regional
CWS appearances: 19 (1957, '62, '63, '65, '70, '75, '80, '86, '97, '89, '91, '92, '94, '95, '96, '98, '99, 2000, '08)
NCAA championships: 0
Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia Record: 44-25-1
Seed: No. 8 overall
CWS results: Defeated Miami, 7-4; Defeated Stanford, 4-3; Defeated Stanford, 10-8; Defeated Fresno State, 7-6; Lost to Fresno State, 19-10; Lost to Fresno State 6-1
How they advanced: Won Athens Regional; won Athens Super Regional
CWS appearances: 6 (1987, '90, 2001, '04, '06, '08)
NCAA championships: 1 (1990)
Stanford Cardinal
Stanford Record: 41-24-2
Seed: No. 1 regional
CWS results: Defeated Florida State, 16-5; lost to Georgia, 4-3; defeated Miami, 8-3; lost to Georgia, 10-8
How they advanced: Won Stanford Regional; won Fullerton Super Regional
CWS appearances: 16 (1953, '67, '82, '83, '85, '87, '88, '90, '95, '97, '99, 2000, '01, '02, '03, '08)
NCAA championships: 2 (1987, '88)
LSU Tigers
LSU Record: 49-19-1
Seed: No. 7 overall
CWS results: Lost to UNC, 8-4; defeated Rice, 6-5; lost to UNC, 7-4
How they advanced: Won Baton Rouge Regional; won Baton Rouge Super Regional
CWS appearances: 14 (1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, '03, '04, '08)
NCAA championships: 5 (1991, '93. '96, '97, 2000)
Miami Hurricanes
Miami Record: 53-11
Seed: No. 1 overall
CWS results: Lost to Georgia, 7-4; defeated Florida State 7-5; lost to Stanford, 8-3
How they advanced: Won Coral Gables Regional; won Coral Gables Super Regional
CWS appearances: 23 (1971, '74, '78, '79, '80, '81, '82, '84, '85, '86, '88, '89, '92, '94, '95, '97, '98, '99, 2001, '03, '04, '06, '08)
NCAA championships: 4 (1982, '85, '99, 2001)
North Carolina Tar Heels
North Carolina Record: 55-13
Seed: No. 2 overall
CWS results: Defeated LSU, 8-4; lost to Fresno State, 5-3; defeated LSU, 7-4; defeated Fresno State, 4-3; lost to Fresno State, 6-1
How they advanced: Won Cary Regional; won Cary Super Regional
CWS appearances: 7 (1960, '66, '78, '89, 2006, '07, '08)
NCAA championships: 0
Rice Owls
Rice Record: 47-15
Seed: No. 6 overall
CWS results: Lost to Fresno State, 17-5; lost to Rice, 6-5
How they advanced: Won Houston Regional; won Houston Super Regional
CWS appearances: 7 (1997, '99, 2002, '03, '06, '07, '08)
NCAA championships: 1 (2003)


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2007 Oregon State
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2005 Texas
2004 Cal State Fullerton
2003 Rice
2002 Texas
2001 Miami (Fla.)
2000 LSU
1999 Miami (Fla.)
1998 USC
1997 LSU
1996 LSU
1995 CS Fullerton
1994 Oklahoma
1993 LSU
1992 Pepperdine
1991 LSU
1990 Georgia
1989 Wichita St.
1988 Stanford
1987 Stanford
1986 Arizona
1985 Miami (Fla.)
1984 CS Fullerton
1983 Texas
1982 Miami (Fla.)
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1980 Arizona
1979 CS Fullerton
1978 USC
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1975 Texas
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