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Arizona State
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Arizona State rolled through the Women's College World Series.
In his first two seasons, Clint Myers got Arizona State to the WCWS largely on the strength of his will and two of the best players in the game. For his third trip to Oklahoma City, he took a whole team -- and came home with the Sun Devils' first championship. Graham Hays

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Hays: Lobpries saves the day
In one inning, unheralded recruit Jami Lobpries saved Texas A&M's season -- twice.
Hays: Strong senior classes lead Arizona State, Texas A&M
The first two teams eliminated from the World Series last season -- Arizona State and Texas A&M -- are the last two standing in Oklahoma City this season. It's no surprise that both are powered by strong senior classes.
Hays: It takes two to turn the Sun Devils around
Arizona State will play for the title in part because it found the offensive pieces it was missing the past two seasons. But it's also because of two pieces it had to build around, writes Graham Hays.
Hays: Defense wins elimination games
On a day when traditional powers Arizona and UCLA bowed out of the competition -- ensuring the WCWS title will be decided without at least one of these teams for the first time since 1986 -- defense didn't win a championship, but it definitely helped determine survival.
Hays: Tincher follows in footsteps of Osterman, Abbott
Like Cat Osterman and Monica Abbott, Angela Tincher's dominance in the circle made her a household name. And like those aces, she left Oklahoma City without a title -- but not before making an impact on the sport.
Hays: Walk this way
Through six games, the WCWS has already seen its share of intentional walks. Some worked, some didn't -- and many are embroiled in controversy, writes Graham Hays.
Hays: Seniors save Texas A&M's season
Texas A&M was no WCWS sleeper. The Aggies are one win away from the championship series because the same seniors that propelled the team to a win Friday have stepped up at every turn this season, writes Graham Hays.
Hays: Luck be a Sun Devil?
In its third consecutive trip to the Women's College World Series, Arizona State finally escaped with a first-day win. That's an especially precious commodity this year, writes Graham Hays.
Hays: These girls don't just want to have fun
The chalk in the WCWS bracket didn't last long. Louisiana-Lafayette, a team so intent on having fun that it's becoming rather adept at making opponents miserable, shocked top-seeded Florida 3-2 in the first game in Oklahoma City.
Hays: Five burning WCWS questions
Is Arizona or Florida the team to beat in Oklahoma City? Which players should you be watching? Is this the most intriguing field of all time? Here's a preview of the Women's College World Series.
Hays: Inspired Hokies make most of their opportunity
Unseeded Virginia Tech wasn't supposed to make the Women's College World Series. The Hokies' inspired play touched the hearts of two grieving parents, who served as a reminder to make the most of every opportunity.
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Sixteen teams are aiming for a shot at the Women's College World Series. Graham Hays breaks down these super regional teams.
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From a super regional matchup lifted from the Women's College World Series to Arizona's next obstacle on their way to a three-peat, here's a look at the super regional round of the NCAA softball tournament.
Hays: Stanford's unlikely ace
In a sport in which pitching aces sometimes act like divas, Stanford's Missy Penna is a breath of fresh air. The Cardinal will rely on her to blaze a new trail to Oklahoma City.
Hays: Wrapping up the NCAA tournament's regional round
The Wildcats rolled through the field at the Hempstead Regional with three shutout wins and advanced to face Oklahoma in next week's Tucson Super Regional.
Hays: One pitch links Findlay, Selden
Three years ago, Samantha Findlay's three-run home run against Anjelica Selden in top of the 10th inning of the third game of the Women's College World Series propelled Michigan past UCLA -- and ushered in a new era. Will their paths cross again?
Hays: NCAA softball tournament region-by-region breakdown
What should fans expect to see in the NCAA tournament's regional round? Graham Hays breaks down the first round of the double-elimination tournament.


2008 Women's College World Series schedule
Oklahoma City

Double elimination
All times Eastern.

Thursday, May 29
La. Lafayette 3, Florida 2
Texas A&M 1, Va. Tech 0
ASU 3, Alabama 1
UCLA 2, Arizona 1

Friday, May 30
Texas A&M 2, La. Lafayette 1

Saturday, May 31
Florida 2, Virginia Tech 0
Alabama 5, Arizona 1
Florida 2, UCLA 0
Alabama 3, La. Lafayette 1

Sunday, June 1
Florida 6, Texas A&M 1
Arizona State 3, Alabama 1
Texas A&M 1, Florida 0

Championship Series
Best of three
Monday, June 2
Arizona State 3, Texas A&M 0
Tuesday, June 3
Arizona State 11, Texas A&M 0

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WCWS Champion
Arizona State Sun Devils
Record: 66-5
Seed: No. 6 overall
How they advanced: Won Tempe Super Regional; won Tempe Regional; Defeated Alabama; Defeated UCLA; Defeated Alabama; Defeated Texas A&M; Defeated Texas A&M
WCWS appearances: 7 (1982, '87, '00, '02, '06, '07, '08)
NCAA championships: 1 (2008)
WCWS Runner-Up
Texas A&M Aggies
Record: 56-10
Seed: No. 5 overall
How they advanced: Won College Station Super Regional; won College Station Regional; Defeated Virginia Tech; Defeated ULL; Lost to Florida; Defeated Florida; Lost to Arizona State; Lost to Arizona State
WCWS appearances: 7 (1983, '84, '86, '87, '88, '07, '08)
NCAA championships: 2 (1983, '87)
Eliminated teams
Alabama Crimson Tide
Record: 58-8
Seed: No. 3 overall
How they advanced: Won Tuscaloosa Super Regional; won Tuscaloosa Regional; Lost to Arizona State; Defeated Arizona; Defeated ULL; Lost to Arizona State
WCWS appearances: 5 (2000, '03, '05, '06, '08)
NCAA championships: 0
Arizona Wildcats
Record: 41-19
Seed: No. 7 overall
How they advanced: Won Tucson Super Regional; won Hempstead Regional; Lost to UCLA; Lost to Alabama
WCWS appearances: 20 (1988, '89, '90, '91, '92, '93, '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '05, '06, '07, '08)
NCAA championships: 8 (1991, '93, '94, '96, '97, '01, '06, '07)
Florida Gators
Record: 70-5
Seed: No. 1 overall
How they advanced: Won Gainesville Super Regional; won Gainesville Regional; Lost to ULL; Defeated Virginia Tech; Defeated UCLA; Defeated Texas A&M; Lost to Texas A&M
WCWS appearances: 1 (2008)
NCAA championships: 0
La.-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns
Record: 52-15
Seed: Unseeded
How they advanced: Won Houston Super Regional; won Baton Rouge Regional; Defeated Florida; Lost to Texas A&M; Lost to Alabama
WCWS appearances: 5 (1993, '95, '96, '03, '08)
NCAA championships: 0
UCLA Bruins
Record: 51-9
Seed: No. 2 overall
How they advanced: Won Los Angeles Super Regional; won Los Angeles Regional; Defeated Arizona; Lost to Arizona State; Lost to Florida
WCWS appearances: 25 (1982, '83, '84, '85, '86, '87, '88, '89, '90, '91, '92, '93, '94, '96, '97, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08)
NCAA championships: 11 (1979, '82, '84, '85, '88, '89, '90, '92, '99, '03, '04)
Virginia Tech Hokies
Record: 49-19
Seed: Unseeded
How they advanced: Won Ann Arbor Super Regional; won Knoxville Regional; Lost to Texas A&M; Lost to Florida
WCWS appearances: 1 (2008)
NCAA championships: 0


WCWS History

Team Champions
Year Team
2008 Arizona State
2007 Arizona
2006 Arizona
2005 Michigan
2004 UCLA
2003 UCLA
2002 California
2001 Arizona
2000 Oklahoma
1999 UCLA
1998 Fresno St.
1997 Arizona
1996 Arizona
1995 UCLA
1994 Arizona
1993 Arizona
1992 UCLA
1991 Arizona
1990 UCLA
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