17 athletes did not meet NCAA eligibility requirements

ATLANTA -- Georgia Tech acknowledged Friday that it
certified 17 athletes as eligible when they had not met the NCAA's
academic requirements.

Athletic director Dave Braine said the violations -- which
Georgia Tech considers secondary -- were reported to the NCAA. The
school offered to penalize itself, but did not reveal the nature of
its proposed sanctions.

"Certainly there was no deliberate intent to incorrectly
certify student-athletes," Braine said in a statement. "At the
time, we believed that these athletes had met all the necessary

Seventeen athletes from four different sports were certified as
eligible when they had not met NCAA requirements. The violations
occurred over the last five years.

Georgia Tech did not release the names of the athletes, citing
privacy laws.

All but one of the athletes earned the required 24 credit hours
for the academic year with an acceptable grade point average, the
school said.

"All of the cases can be characterized as errors of omission,
not commission," Braine said. "Still, we accept responsibility
for the mistakes that were made, and we have new procedures in
place to prevent future errors."

He said six of the athletes had graduated, while two more are on
track to earn their degrees this school year.

"The remainder," Braine added, "have made significant
progress toward their degrees."