At least 25 involved in minor flap

MUNCIE, Ind. -- At least 25 Ball State athletes violated an
NCAA rule by improperly getting textbooks through a loan program or
from other players, the university said Saturday.

The school's investigation is expected to be finished by next
week, and all violations will be reported to the NCAA, athletic
director Bubba Cunningham said.

Under the loan program, athletes whose financial aid covers
books for required courses receive them on loan from the university
at the beginning of the semester. The books are returned when the
semester ends. No cash was involved in any of the transactions
investigated, Cunningham said.

The alleged violations involved players from four sports who
used the program for textbooks not required for courses they were
taking or by receiving the books from other players. The teams and
the players weren't identified.

NCAA penalties for this type of violation are based on the
dollar amount of the extra benefit. For violations under $100,
athletes lose eligibility until they repay the money. For
violations over $100, athletes must repay the money, petition to
regain eligibility and lose a percent of season play based on the
dollar amount of the violation.

In addition to any NCAA penalties, the athletes will face
additional discipline by the university, Cunningham said.