Report: 2005 NCAA tennis champ took prize money

NEW YORK -- An NCAA men's tennis champion reportedly
accepted prize money for winning a tournament in Germany while he
was a member of the Baylor team.

Benedikt Dorsch, the 2005 NCAA champ, won two tournaments in
Germany in 2002 and '03 and accepted checks worth less than $1,000,
according to the New York Times. Dorsch was on the Baylor squad in
2003, which could mean he violated NCAA rules.

"I'm not sure what years I won it, but yes, I guess I was in
school at Baylor," Dorsch told the newspaper. He said he paid back
some of the money from 2002 when he went through the NCAA's
reinstatement process in 2003.

The Times reported that Oliver Stienen, director of the German
tournament, confirmed the payment of prize money to Dorsch, now a

"I can't comment on a specific tournament," Baylor coach Mike
Knoll said. "We have paperwork on every single tournament the guy
has played."