Muzzled Terriers: BU outlaws swearing in stands

BOSTON -- Boston University fans had better watch their

Under a new campus policy, anyone caught swearing or taunting
the opposing players with racist or sexist chants during games face
ejection, and repeated offenders could even be banned.

Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore said the new rule followed a
stream of complaints about students' behavior at hockey games,
particularly their swearing. Even NCAA hockey officials, who have
probably heard it all in their jobs, have complained, he said.

"We wanted to make clear that games should be spirited and
lively," Elmore said Monday. "But standing and shouting
obscenities does not have a place. I don't equate school spirit
with the yelling of obscenities."

Elmore said stadium ushers would enforce the policy.

The policy is based on similar rules at other schools, including
the University of Wisconsin and Ohio State University, said Boston
University spokesman Stephen Burgay. He said a lawyer examined the
policy and determined it would not violate the First Amendment.

Some students weren't ready to believe it.

"That's terrible and an infringement on our freedom of
speech," Kendall Lyons, an 18-year-old sophomore who said he often
takes part in the chants, told The Boston Globe. "Sports won't be
fun anymore."