Campus Call: Are there enough safety precautions?

Each week, ESPN.com surveys the student-athletes on our panel to see how they feel about a topic that directly affects collegiate life.

Are there enough safety precautions in your sport?

Hazewinkel Hazewinkel

"Yes, if anything too many. I mean, we are college wrestlers -- for the most part, we know what we are doing. The guys who do things stupidly find ways around the rules -- or break them -- and do stupid things anyway. They need to relax a little on the rules. I would like to see ways of keeping diseases out like staph [infections]. There have to be better ways to keep this funk out of the wrestling community."
-- Sam Hazewinkel, Oklahoma wrestling

Schneider Schneider

"Being a goalie, I am one of the most protected players on the ice. I think the forwards and defensemen have gotten to the point where they cover all of the major areas that need protection and sacrifice some bumps and bruises for additional mobility. I like the rule in college hockey that you have to wear face masks, otherwise I think there would be many more face and head injuries. Also, they are more strictly enforcing rules on the ice to make sure fewer people are hurt. Hitting from behind carries heavier penalties and is greatly discouraged which is good because that is a play that usually results in an injury. Hockey is a contact sport with big, strong men, so there are bound to be safety issues. However, I feel that the NCAA has done a good job keeping everyone safe and discouraging things such as fighting and cheap playing."
-- Cory Schneider, Boston College men's ice hockey

Wileman Wileman

"Soccer is a dangerous sport. Generally, competitors respect each other and I feel that there are plenty of safety precautions in the game. Recently, they have cracked down on elbowing and tackles from behind, which I believe has cleaned up the game drastically. Soccer is a game of respect and I feel the players have a responsibility to play hard but clean."
-- Chase Wileman, SMU men's soccer

Tidwell Tidwell

"Since I'm a linebacker who has already been given a couple of personal fouls for roughing the passer this year, I'm going to consider myself unfairly biased against safety precautions and refrain from fully answering this question."
-- Tyler Tidwell, Navy Football

Alexander Alexander

"I think there are enough safety precautions in women's soccer. It is a very contact-based sport, but I do not thinking adding pads would help anything. With the rise of concussions, a company developed a padded headpiece to help cushion the impact. Some players choose to wear it and others do not believe it is effective."
-- Cori Alexander, Portland women's soccer

Matthews Matthews

"Basketball is becoming more physical, maybe they should let us wear pads."
-- Wesley Matthews, Marquette men's basketball

Murphy Murphy

"Injuries are a reality of competitive sports and many injuries would not be prevented by any extra equipment. Women's lacrosse has recently added goggles, which were hard to get accustomed to, but now are not an issue at all. I know many of my teammates and opponents would prefer not to wear the goggles, but they are a necessary safety precaution."
-- Meghan Murphy, Notre Dame women's lacrosse