How are you preparing for life out of college?

Each week, ESPN.com surveys the student-athletes on our panel to see how they feel about a topic that directly affects collegiate life.

How are you preparing for life after college?

Smith Smith

"I'm looking forward to life after college. Currently I'm applying for a job with an organization called Teach For America. They place new teachers in inner-city schools for a two-year commitment period. I've always had a passion for teaching, and I think this would be a great challenge and a lot of fun. Their goal of bringing up the general education levels of the schools is something I'm incredibly interested in, and I would love to help in any capacity. If that doesn't work out, I'll be looking at graduate schools and student teaching jobs with the hope of ultimately becoming a high school teacher."
-- Scott Smith, Cal football

Henley Henley

"I am preparing for life after college by mainly focusing on my class work and continuing to work hard on the baseball field with hopes to have a shot at a successful professional baseball career. Baseball players don't have the opportunity to have summer internships like other students and some athletes in order to prepare for life after college. This is because we spend almost all of our summer playing summer ball. So as a baseball player, I am going to have to rely on good grades and some good fortune to find a good job if baseball doesn't work out."
-- Tyler Henley, Rice baseball

Wileman Wileman

"Well, I am graduating in May and I will just be turning 21, so I have a lot of options in front of me. I definitely want to try and play professional soccer, whether that is being drafted in the MLS Draft or trying out for other clubs. I think I am going to give myself a two- to three-year timetable to try and make it in soccer. If it doesn't work out, then I can at least say I tried and move on with my life. After I'm done playing, I really want to be a soccer coach somewhere. I just really want to be involved with the game and give back because it has given so much to me. In my spring semester of this year, I will start planning for the future and see what happens."
-- Chase Wileman, SMU men's soccer

Schneider Schneider

"As with many NCAA athletes, I am hoping to pursue a career in professional hockey once I am done here at Boston College. Where that takes me and how long it will last, no one really knows, but at least I have my immediate future somewhat planned out of college. To prepare for life after hockey or if something unexpected comes up, I am currently a finance major at BC and am considering another minor in the business school. Although I am not exactly sure what I would do out of college with my degree, I am certain I would want to be in the business world in some aspect. Right now, I am only a junior so I still have some time to organize what my plans will be after BC and figure out what I really want to do."
-- Cory Schneider, Boston College men's ice hockey

Leveille Leveille

"Syracuse provides me with a great academic education and athletic experience, which will prepare me for life out of college. Academics and athletics together have helped me develop the following characteristics: teamwork, dedication, time management and leadership. These characteristics are helpful now and will surely be helpful when I depart from college."
-- Mike Leveille, Syracuse lacrosse

Alexander Alexander

"It is hard to imagine that in a little over a month my college playing days will be over, but I am starting to prepare myself for the 'real world.' I will forever be a part of the University of Portland Pilot family and I will always bleed purple, but the time has come for us seniors to pass the torch. I will graduate in May with my fellow six senior teammates. A couple of us are looking at opportunities to play overseas; a few of the countries we are pursuing are: England, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany and France. I hope to end up back in the United States when/if the women's professional league returns. After my playing days are done, I would like to coach or teach. I am currently trying to get as much experience as possible, as time permits."
-- Cori Alexander, Portland women's soccer

Vetter Vetter

"I try to attend career seminars when I can and I am planning on interning this summer. College will be over faster then you think and you've got to prepared for the real world."
-- Jessie Vetter, Wisconsin hockey

Tidwell Tidwell

"One of the main advantages of attending a military academy is that you are guaranteed a job after graduation. In November, all members of the senior class at the Naval Academy will receive their service selection assignment, ranging anywhere from surface ships to submarines to pilots to Navy SEALS, which they will then carry out for a minimum of five years (10 years for pilots). If I receive my first choice, Marine Corps, I will take a professional development class in the second semester dedicated solely to future Marine officers. Every senior will take a similar class depending on their service selection, the last class in a long line of professional development courses taken by all midshipmen. Upon graduation, everyone will report to their initial training, whether it be flight school for pilots, nuclear power school for submariners, or The Basic School for Marines."
-- Tyler Tidwell, Navy Football

Murphy Murphy

"The resources for student-athletes are incredible. The career center on campus and workshops throughout the year facilitate our readiness for the professional world, in whatever arena we may choose. I am currently in the process of applying for medical school, and I am certain that my experiences as a student-athlete will help me to succeed the next four years!"
-- Meghan Murphy, Notre Dame women's lacrosse