Sooner athletics gives additional $3M

The University of Oklahoma athletic department will boost its assistance to the school's academic programs by $3 million, it was announced Wednesday.

Oklahoma president David Boren announced the increased financial assistance when he presented his annual budget Wednesday to the Oklahoma Board of Regents.

"This additional support from the athletics department has helped the university avoid tuition increases for students and layoffs of faculty and staff," Boren said in a prepared statement. "I appreciate the support from the department in helping continue to promote academic excellence in a tough economic year. I especially am grateful that this support will help us lighten the burden on Oklahoma families by having no tuition increases this year."

The Oklahoma athletic department already was giving about $1 million each year to the school's academic programs. The school also provides other sums to the school through revenue from affinity cards and soft drink sales contracts. Those proceeds help swell direct and indirect support from Oklahoma's athletic department back to the school to more than $7 million per year, school officials said.

Other schools, such as Arkansas and South Carolina, have recently announced similar million-dollar subsidies by their athletic department back to their school's academic programs.

Tim Griffin covers college football for ESPN.com. You may contact him at espntimgriff@yahoo.com.