Legislation for extra calls suspended

INDIANAPOLIS -- Legislation that allowed NCAA Division I schools to contact high school juniors by phone in sports other than football and men's basketball has been suspended because many schools are against it.

The legislation passed in April, but NCAA.org says numerous schools have since raised concerns about extending the recruiting process, forcing the NCAA to revisit its ruling. The Division I Legislative Council will hold a conference call on July 14 to reconsider the proposal because it received 106 override requests by the June 27 deadline. It is just the second proposal since 1997 to eclipse 100 override requests.

It takes 30 requests to require the council to revisit the legislation and 100 for the legislation to be suspended until either the council reverses its earlier action, amends the proposal or reconsiders the legislation and maintains its position.

The legislation approved in April would have allowed recruiters one telephone call per month to prospects or their families after June 14 at the end of the prospect's sophomore year in high school through July 31 after their junior year. It also would allow two telephone calls per week beginning August 1 before the prospect's senior year of high school.

One school commented: "Telephone contact with prospects during their senior year is sufficient time to enhance relationships with prospects. Our coaches feel adding telephone contact one year earlier is both intrusive and unnecessary."

The legislation is already in place for men's basketball. Supporters like the idea of uniform contact rules for all sports, and add that the earlier communication allows coaches to better help prospects academically.