Despite injury, Henry looks strong at first NBPA session

Anthony Marshall (Las Vegas/Mojave) skies for a jam in the open court during the AM session at the NBPA Top 100 Camp. Jason O. Watson for ESPN.com

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Action during the first session of the 2008 NBA Players Association Top 1008 Camp saw the teams go through a feeling-out process, especially given the fact that teams did not have the chance to practice before the first round of games in the morning. The most anticipated matchup of the first session should have featured top-tier 2009 point guards Abdul Gaddy and John Wall, but Wall unexpectedly decided to attend a Five-Star camp and will not play here this week.

Scouting notes
D.J. Byrd, 6-5 SG/SF
Byrd displayed great range on his jump shot with his smooth, efficient motion. He also passed the ball very well, sometimes to teammates not expecting to receive it. Byrd has a good feel for the game and uses his court smarts to accentuate his immense basketball abilities.

Ryan Kelly, 6-9 PF
Kelly has very impressive face-up skills for a big guy. He has a very consistent jumper as long as he shoots it in the 15-16 foot range. Kelly can also utilize his turn-and-face game to drive past slower big men.

Xavier Henry, 6-6 SG
Despite playing with an injury, Henry demonstrated his outstanding scoring ability. He has very good quickness and get to the rim with ease, also using his strength. He struggled finishing at the rim just a tad when he got into the paint. Henry can knock down the trifecta but he tends to rely on it a little too much at times.

Daniel Orton, 6-10 C
Orton did not get the ball much in the post, but he did manage to remain active throughout the game. He impressed the most with his passing skills and incredible vision for a big man. Orton could have forced the issue the few times he received the ball in scoring position, but he often decided to pass the ball to an open teammate.

Dante Taylor, 6-8 PF
Taylor played very good on-ball, post defense during the game. He maintained his defensive position without fouling. On offense, Taylor did a very good job running the court and finishing on the break. Taylor crashed the boards on both ends and contested shots effectively.

C.J. Leslie, 6-7 Combo forward
Leslie has very lively legs that he used to remain active throughout the game. He aggressively attacks the boards, especially on the offensive end where he uses his quick leaping ability and long arms for put-backs. Leslie moves his feet very well and can guard on the perimeter as well as in the post.

Jordan Hamilton, 6-7 SG/SF
Hamilton displayed his great range and consistent jump shot on many occasions during the game. He also continues to show improvement off the dribble, using the bounce to get to the rim or create a scoring opportunity for a teammate. Hamilton runs into trouble when he relies on his jump shot from 3-point range too much.

Peyton Siva, 6-0 PG
Siva defended on the perimeter very well, using his foot speed and quick hands to pester opponents into turnovers. He also uses his quickness on the offensive end to get into the teeth of the defense constantly. Once in the paint, Siva does a great job of locating open teammates for easy finishes.

Maalik Wayns, 6-1 PG
Wayns competes at a very high level and leads by example -- attributes coaches love in point guards. He does not shy away from contact; in fact, he usually initiates contact due to his physical style of play. Wayns relentlessly attacks the rim but sometimes runs into a little trouble when facing heavy ball pressure.

Wallace Judge, 6-9 Combo Forward
Judge has very good athleticism and a developed body. He has the skills to play inside as well as the range to connect on jumpers out to about 20 feet, though he has a tendency to rely too much on his jumper. Once in the paint, Judge uses his strength and quick leaping ability to snag offensive rebounds and go right back up for the finish.

Abdul Gaddy, 6-3 PG
Gaddy displays the pass-first mentality that makes him a consummate point guard. He rarely forces bad shots on offense, but Gaddy has the unique ability to make his teammates better by using his outstanding passing skills and vision to create easy scoring chances for his teammates.

Terrell Vinson, 6-6 SF
Vinson remained very aggressive on the offensive end throughout the game. He has inside-out skills that allow him to do damage from the perimeter as well as in the paint. At times, Vinson played too aggressive on offense and took some ill-advised shots by over-penetrating or settling for long jumpers. Vinson does plays hard and hits the boards on both ends intensely. His game is reminiscent of Antoine Walker, especially the way he runs.

Josh Selby, 6-2 PG
Selby has very good quickness, which allows him to penetrate to the basket with relative ease. He has a scorer's mentality when he has the ball, looking to break down the defense usually for his own scoring opportunities. Selby will have to alleviate his tendency of getting out of control.

Damon Powell, 6-6 SF
Powell has very explosive leaping ability and electric athleticism. He finishes above the rim on a routine basis. At this point, his skills have yet to catch up to his athleticism, but he will knock down an open jump shot if left unattended. Powell jumps extremely high -- almost too high -- on his jumper and will have to remember to release the ball at his peak as opposed to on the way down.