Marquette-bound Jeronne Maymon thrives at Timberwolves Shootout

Minneapolis -- The 13th annual Gatorade Timberwolves Shootout consists of six games that are played at the Target Center, home of the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves. Some of the best teams and nationally-ranked players from the northern Midwest put their talents on display at this year's event.

The best matchup of the day was when Henry Sibley (Minn.) battling Madison Memorial (Wisc.). Forward Jeronne Maymon was terrific as Memorial snuck by Sibley 67-64. Maymon, a Marquette signee, went 11-of-16 from the field and grabbed 13 rebounds. He was not only the best player in the game, but the entire Shootout. Memorial also has a star in the making in freshman wing 6-4 Junior Lomomba who made a scoring drive late in the game to seal the win for Memorial. Future Wisconsin PF Mike Bruesewitz led Sibley with 20 points, 10 rebounds and four assist; he was clearly the second best player in the Shootout.

Standout players
Jeronne Maymon PF/SF (6-6,230)
Senior, Madison, Wisc. / Memorial, Signed with Marquette

Maymon is strong, athletic and always plays in attack mode. This physical combination forward finishes above the rim with power in transition. He uses his body well to drive by defenders to score mostly going to his right to get to the rim. Maymon also shoots the midrange pull-up off the dribble and flashes into the lane to knock down the 15 footer off the catch. He loves to spin in the lane as he attacks his defender. Maymon starts his attack with a powerful right-handed drive and spins back left as he goes by his defender and elevates for the shot. He rebounds on both ends with strength. At times, Maymon takes the ball out of the hands of opponents in order to gain possession. Maymon is a decent open-court ball handler, and he has the ability to draw and kick as he attacks from the high-post area. He must extend his shooting range; right now he plays more like an undersized power forward as opposed to a small forward. On defense, Maymon is alert and does a good job seeing man and ball. He also was very good anticipating passes, coming up with a couple steals. His toughness and competitiveness will make him a contributor at Marquette as a freshman.

Mike Bruesewitz PF (6-7, 215)
Senior, Mendota Heights, Minn. / Henry Sibley, Signed with Wisconsin

Bruesewitz is a tough, physical and skilled blue collar player. He can finish in transition after sprinting ahead of the opponents post defenders. Bruesewitz can handle the ball on the perimeter and is an excellent passer. He has great touch and a feel for where to put the ball; he can deliver it with either hand. Bruesewitz can make the open 3 with time and space and the midrange jumper off the catch and pull up off the dribble mostly going to his right. He finishes inside on a regular basis through contact from drop off passes created by guard penetration. He is athletic and smart enough to defend the 2, 3 or 4 positions; Bruesewitz understands how to utilize his length and keep a safe distance from a live dribble and still be able to keep good pressure on the ball. Bruesewitz must continue to work on his perimeter ball handling and more consistent shooter from beyond the arc but will fit in nicely at Wisconsin because of his ability to do a little bit of everything well and his aggressive style of play.

Sam Dower PF/C (6-9, 210)
Senior, Osseo, MN. / Osseo, Signed with Gonzaga

After sitting out the majority of the first half with two fouls dower got it going in the second half. He is a long and lean lefty that is a good athlete. He is very mobile and a quick jumper around the basket. Although he is still a work in progress on offense Dower has a couple go to moves that he executes very well. Dower likes to shoot the jump hook over his right shoulder on both sides of the lane but on the left side he will look to face up at times. He does a great job of sealing and resealing his defender to improve his post position. Dower is also a good passer out of the post vs. the double team. He get's the ball out of his hands right as he feels the pressure which makes it difficult for the defense to recover due too such quick ball movement. Dower can hit the mid range jumper with time to set and the trail three with time and space as well. His shot starts very low but ends with a good follow through. Added strength should help raise the starting point on his shot. Dower is a good rebounder especially on the offensive end as he uses his long wing span fore tip INS and to come over from the weak side to block shots. Defensively dower did a great job at helping in on ball screening situations. This young man has great upside.

Vander Blue SG (6-3, 185)

Junior, Madison, Wisc. / Memorial, Committed to Wisconsin

Blue is an athletic guard that is very quick off the dribble. He sprints the wing in transition and attacks the rim by beating the opponent with his speed. In the half court he can score quickly with his slashes in between defenders and drives along the baseline. He is thinking score all the way when he starts his attack. He seems to love to make his scoring moves from the right side of the floor. Blue can knock down the open three off the catch with time. He likes to shoot his threes from the low wing and corners. Blue is quick hands on ball defender and is big enough and a good enough athlete to defender both guard positions. Blue must learn to jump stop in the lane and kick the ball out to open teammates when he is attacking the lane because he is very charge prone. Overall a quick versatile guard that should be a nice fit at Wisconsin in the swing offense and in your face man defense.

Royce White PF/SF (6-6, 225)

Senior, Minnetonka, Minn. / Hopkins, Signed with Minnesota

White is a strong combination forward that plays more like a power forward than a small forward at this point. He is physical around the basket where on the left low block he likes to face and attack the rim along the baseline. White is strong enough to finish through contact when he get's his shoulders square to the basket. On the right low block he will also face and attack the middle of the lane and finish with his left hand over the defense. White loves to drive left when his faces up. White is an average shooter at best behind the arc and this is an area that he needs to develop along with adding some scoring drives off the dribble. But White can make an open three with time and space when he is in a scoring rhythm especially from the top of the key or corner. White is a good rebounder on both ends but could be better given his size and strength. He is a good passer on the move especially as he attacks with his right to left crossover. White is a capable multiple position defender that will learn how to stay in a defensive stance under head coach Tubby Smith when he arrives at cross-town Minnesota.

Surprise players

Junior Lomomba SG (6-4, 175)
Freshmen, Madison, Wisc. / Memorial

Lomomba is a strong wing that is still learning the game but has great upside. He runs the floor and attacks from the wing in transition and has no problem finishing through contact on a regular basis. He slashes and power drives into the lane most going to his right in order to get to the rim. He can make a wide open three when his feet are set but this is clearly an area that needs work because he is streaky at best. Lomomba is a fearless competitor for a freshman and plays with savvy, confidence and good energy. On defense Lomomba plays in a stance which is rare for players his age and has active hands when defending the ball. He is a capable multiple position defender because of his size and ability to move his feet. In the closing second of the game against Sibley Lomomba made scored on a drive that helped sealed the win for Memorial. Lomomba must continue to develop his total game and the sky is the limit on how good this future high major player can be.

Chris Halovorson PF/SF (6-8, 200)

Senior, Minneapolis/ Henry Sibley, Signed with Valparaiso

This long armed athletic forward sprint the floor and plays above the rim in transition. Halovorson can drive from the wing and high post area and attacks mostly to his right. He also scores on drop steps from the right low block and dunks drop off passes created by guard penetration. He has a decent mid range jumper off the catch but his perimeter shooting need to be much more consistent in or to play the small forward position for extended periods of time. He is great at finishing plays with his length and athletic ability. Halovorson is a good ball handler and decent passer on the move as well. He plays with toughness and urgency but needs to work on being a better defensive rebounder which should improve once he adds some much needed strength. Halovoron makes his presence felt on the offensive glass as he keeps the ball alive and score on a couple put backs. Halovorson has good upside and should be a solid contributor as a freshman at Valparaiso.

Rodney Williams SF (6-6, 185)

Senior, New Hope, Minn./ Robbinsdale Cooper, Signed with Minnesota

Williams is an extra long and lean athlete. He is off the charts athletic. Williams is an above the rim highlight in transition. Catching lobs is his specialty. Williams also scores with a one or two dribble pull up going to his right or a running floater where he uses his leaping ability and length to score over opponents. Skill development must be at the top of his list to be successful in college. Williams struggled to score in a half court setting. He must work on his overall shooting and ball handling. He didn't look comfortable shooting the three or making scoring moves off the dribble. He also had trouble finishing at times once he got to the rim because he seem to be anticipating contact instead of attacking the basket. Added strength will help him finish in the future. Williams sprints to the offensive glass on a regular basis attempting to time up a tip dunk but his lack of strength makes his easy to block out. He must also look to be a better defensive rebounder with his quickness and athletic ability. Defensively he works pretty hard and plays in a stance at times. Williams length and foot speed make him capable of defending all three perimeter positions. Williams has great upside but strength and skill lie between him being good or great.

Trent Lockett SG (6-5, 195)

Minnetonka, Minn. / Hopkins, Signed with Arizona State

Lockett is a strong shooting guard that is an excellent athlete. He has deep three point range off the catch and is a powerful above the rim finisher in transition with an explosive two foot vertical jump. He is very good at using the glass when he has a shot on the angle. Lockett has a quick and smooth release and shoots with confidence. He sprints the wing in transition and spots up along the arc daring his man to help on dribble penetration. In the half court he moves well without the ball and is good coming off screens ready to shoot. He will attempt to attack the basket mostly going to his right but that is clearly an area of concern. He must work on adding scoring moves off the dribble to his game to make him a complete scoring guard and become a better rebounder on both ends. Defensively Lockett plays with in a stance with urgency as he defends the ball. He also does a good job at helping defend on ball screens. Lockett will be an asset at Arizona State with his ability to stretch the defense with his shooting in their spread offensive attack.

Marvin Singleton SF (6-4, 200)

Sophomore, Minnetonka, Minn. / Hopkins

This big body wing attacks the rim in transition as well as in the half court. Singleton loves to work along the baseline and is plenty strong enough to finish once he gets to the rim. He can rebound on both ends and defensively he can start the break and has the ability to go coast to coast if the transition defense is not set. Singleton has a good mid range game. He can shoot 18 feet and in off the catch or dribble. Singleton does a good job reading dribble penetration and moving to the open area to receive the ball. He is also good at the catch and go move. Singleton does not waste time making a scoring move once he catches the ball especially if he identifies an opening or clear path to the rim. He power drives past defenders using his strong body. Singleton must continue to work on his all around skills especially working on extending his shooting range to the arc although he is a good ball handler and decent passer. On the defensive end singleton plays with toughness and emotion and is a good on ball defender. Singleton has great upside and one to watch as he develops.

Reggie Rankin is a recruiting coordinator for Scouts Inc. He was an assistant coach at seven schools for 13 seasons, most recently at Dayton. He played at Ohio University from 1986-1990 and was an all-MAC first teamer his senior season.