Under Armour Friday practice report

Ricky Barnum (Lakeland, Fla./Lake Gibson) practices some max protect blocking schemes. Tom Hauck for ESPN.com

ORLANDO -- The winds finally died down and the temperature began to climb to more seasonal conditions for the last practice session of the week.

Typical of the final day of any practice week in high school, college or the NFL, each team spent some time on personnel checks for all units. No coach wants to waste one of their valuable timeouts because a particular player is standing on the sideline instead of on the field where he should be. Arguably the most crucial units to shore up are the punt and field goal teams to avoid having a kick blocked. Also, the onside kick coverage team or hands team also need some attention because of how infrequently they're practiced during the week.

Offensive lines coming together

With pass blocking always an issue in the all-star setting, Silver has implemented a few max-protection packages. It trotted out a few two-wide, two-tight or two-back sets. Silver running backs checked, then released after looking for blitzers to pick up. Look for Aundre Dean (Katy, Texas) and Jamie Harper (Jacksonville, Fla./Trinity Christian), Silvers' bigger backs, to be on the field in these alignments.

On the Red side at least one lineman, Dann O'Neill (Grand Haven, Mich.), has mentioned just how helpful all the top-notch coaching has been during the week. O'Neill feels that after just six practices in Orlando, he'll have more tools at his disposal in Saturday's game than he would have at the end of his senior season.

Passing attacks get more work
Each side continued to put in lots of time on their passing schemes. Silver quarterback Kyle Parker (Jacksonville, Fla./Bartram Trail) has developed a go-to move this week. With only cover-3 or man-free zone defenses allowed, Parker has consistently either looked-off the safety or pumped in one direction, before firing a pass up the opposite seam or sideline.

Red continued pulling out its bag of tricks Friday. Jermie Calhoun (Van, Texas) has been seen taking direct snaps from shotgun, much like the system he played in as a senior. Athlete Joe Adams (Little Rock, Ark./Central Arkansas Christian) was on the receiving end of a few reverses.

In goalline work, Blake Cantu (Southlake, Texas/Carroll) made a great catch on a post-corner, showing the hands that have moved him up the wide receiver rankings this week.

Mike Glennon (Centreville, Va./Westfield), fresh off the Burger King Pass Attack victory, continued his strong play showing great timing on his deeps balls and out routes.

Energy still high
Despite the limited-contact, helmets-only practice, the inaugural Under Armour All-Americans still displayed good intensity and excitement during the session. On one exchange, Jamie Harper ran up in the B-gap, only to find a hard-filling Andrew Sweat (Washington, Pa./Trinity) who gave Harper a good pop before wrapping him up. On the sidelines, players such as Darryl Stonum (Stafford, Texas/Dulles), Julio Jones (Foley, Ala.), and Carlton Thomas (Frostproof, Fla.) stayed loose and had some fun by tossing the ball around while not involved in special teams work.

Injury updates: After a quick bought with the flu, Red's Burton Scott (Prichard, Ala./Vigor) was back on the field and is ready to go for Saturday. Red linebacker Uona Kaveinga (Lawndale, Calif./Leuzinger) received some attention for a leg injury but stayed on the field.

Craig Haubert, Bill Conley and Wade Geraci are recruiting coordinators for Scouts Inc.