Felix dominates Kohl's Calif. Showcase

The Kohl's California Showcase brought out many of the best specialists on the West Coast to Servite High School in Anaheim. The camp gathered athletes for an afternoon of classroom training, charting and drill work competitions to determine who was the best. The 75-degree weather and five to 10 mph tailwind helped the athletes post some impressive performances.

Ryan Felix (Corona, Calif./Santiago), a 2011 kicker was the camp's most outstanding performer. He made eight field goals during the charting and won the kickoff charting with an average kickoff of 68.75 yards and 3.92 seconds of hang time. He was arguably the best kicker in the field goal drill work and had the best kickoff of the competition in Round 1 with a 72-yarder that had 4.10 second hang time. His height on field goals is very impressive and is a Division I scholarship kicker. He may get his first offer before the month of May is over.

Cameron Van Winkle (Fall City, Wash./Fall City), a 2013 kicker gave Felix a run for his money as the camp's most outstanding performer. Van Winkle had a huge day, including a 60-yard field goal during a charting session where he made nine of 10 kicks. He also hit a 72-yard kickoff and showed tremendous leg speed for a young kicker, who will do nothing but get better in the years to come. Van Winkle does need to get more height on his kicks, but for a 2013 kicker he may be the best in the nation. He certainly had a great camp and was impressive to all of the older kickers at camp.

Preston Lyon (Concord, Calif./De La Salle), a 2011 kicker also had a very strong showing at camp by winning the kickoff competition thanks to a 74-yarder. He also hit some of the longest kicks at camp during the field goal drill work portion of camp. He is a competitive athlete that seemed to thrive during the competition phase of camp. His height on field goals off the ground has improved dramatically since the winter, so Lyon is an athlete to watch.

This camp also featured arguably the best high school snappers in the 2011 and 2012 classes. The camp's most outstanding punter Peter McBride (Scottsdale, Ariz./ Chaparral) and Kolton Donavan (Salt Lake City, Utah/ Cottonwood) are BCS-level snappers. Both athletes were very accurate and fast on their long snaps. They also charted well on their short snaps and both have good college football frames, which should help them compete immediately when they enter a college program.


• 2011 kicker/punter Oleg Parent (Lake Forest, Calif./Lake Forest) finished second in the punt charting portion of camp and showed tremendous upside as a kicker/punter. His 70-yard-plus kickoff should draw the interest of college coaches.

• 2011 punter Logan Yunker (Las Vegas/Arbor View) won the punt competition and did well in the punt charting. He also showed well at times on his field goal drill work.

• Daniel Backx (Phoenix/ Mountain Ridge) showed good college potential as a punter at camp during the drill work and charting portions of camp.

• Brady Staurt (Santa Clara, Calif./Santa Clara) and Andrew Franks (Carmel, Calif./Carmel) also showed BCS leg strength at times during the drill work portion of camp.

Jamie Kohl is the director of Kohl's Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camps.