Breaking down the 2011 ESPNU 150

Here is a quick look at some things that jumped out while we were putting together our ESPNU 150 rankings.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the states of Florida, Texas and Georgia have the most ESPNU 150 prospects, considering all three states are known as recruiting hotbeds. However, the fact that Florida has twice as many (40) as the state with the second-most ESPNU 150 prospects is surprising.

The big boys in the trenches dominate the ESPNU 150 this year. If you combine defensive linemen and offensive linemen, there are 48 in the top 150, 21 in the top 50, 11 in the top 25 and six in the top 10.

While breaking down the ESPNU 150, we noticed a few states were particularly strong at certain positions. Florida is strong at four positions (safety, receiver, defensive end and quarterback), while there are two running backs from Texas and two defensive ends from Georgia in the top 25 and one of each in the top 10.

While the state of Florida has five pairs of teammates, Valdosta High School in Georgia is the only school with two players in the top 50.