Carpenter, Bondi shine in the heat

The end of May was very busy -- and hot -- for the Kohl's staff. Many of the camps had heat indexes in the 100s.

The Memphis-area camp had a solid group of kickers, punters and snappers in attendance. Chase Carpenter, a 2011 kicker from Lamar, Miss., hit some college level kickoffs at camp. Kicker Johnny Baddour (Collierville, Tenn,/ Collierville) showed college-level ability on field goals at camp as well. The 2012 class was well represented with Chris Harris (Columbia, Tenn./Columbia), Luke Ferguson (Jonesboro, Ark./Jonesboro) and Matt Spencer (Brandon, Miss./Brandon). They all hit kickoffs that were either at the back of or out of the end zone.

Kansas City

Nick Prolago (Olathe, Kan./Olathe) had the most outstanding punts at camp. He was also consistent on field goals and kickoffs. Chad Levin (Rogers, Ark./Rogers) was the best overall field goal kicker and kickoff specialist at camp. Andrew Yoxall (Minneapolis, Kan./Minneapolis) showed very well for a young punter at camp and should be someone to watch in the years to come. Snappers Boomer Mays (Lawrence, Kan./Lawrence) and Dalton Harman (Salina, Kan./Salina) showed college-level speed and accuracy.


The Springfield camp had strong kicking and punting performances from 2012 prospect Nathan Knuffman (Coatsburg, Ill./Coatsburg). He hit 50-plus yard field goals and kicked off very well. He also hit a punt that went 60 yards in the air. Chris Sullens (Camdenton, Mo./Camdenton) and Hayden Severs (Rogers, Ark./Rogers) showed well in the punting portion of camp. Chad Levin (Rogers, Ark./Rogers) performed very well during his field goal training at camp.


The Gainesville camp had some of the best performances seen this year. Lee Morgan (Lake Mary, Fla./Lake Mary) won the field goal contest with a 65-yarder. Alex Howell (Florence, S.C./Florence) came in second with a 63-yarder off the ground. Roberto Aguayo (Mascotte, Fla./Mascotte) had the best kickoff with an 80-yard blast. Dallas Stubbs (Gaineville, Fla./Gainesville) also showed college-level talent at this very talent-rich camp. Adrain Krupka (Land O' Lakes, Fla./Land O' Lakes) charted multiple 50-plus yarders at the camp.

The West Palm Beach camp was dominated by Mauro Bondi (West Boca Raton, Fla./West Boca Raton). He showed an ability to hit kickoffs over 83 yards and multiple punts with over 5.0 seconds of hang time. Punter Todd Fennell (Vero Beach, Fla./Vero Beach) and kicker David Bicknell (Boca Raton, Fla./Boca Raton) also showed college-level ability. All three of these athletes should be able to play at the next level.

Jamie Kohl is the director of Kohl's Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camps.